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  1. I understand your strategy for wanting to visit places that might not be possible later in life. Sorry, but I don't fully understand your question, " Do you happen to know of the name? Every place i have searched offers a lic but it is a different rating. " This might help, go to Then look for a list of the foreign drop zones that are affiliated USPA skydiving centers. To have that distinction the drop zone is required to have USPA rated instructors working in staff positions. If so then a USPA rated instructor can sign off the A License progression card. You will find the A License card in the Skydivers Information Manual (SIM) also available on line at the USPA website. Good luck and happy jumping. Gary USPA AFF & S/L Instructor Skydive East Tennessee
  2. If you travel to the US, consider Skydive East Tennessee, a USPA designated training center. We are a Cessna DZ, a C-182 and C-206. During the off season, we operate weekends with some weekday ops depending on tandem reservations. We are small enough to give you very personal attention and mentoring. Plus the East Tennessee area has great outdoor opportunities for non-jumping day. Also a days drive from Florida if your state Quoteside visit coincides with a hurricane event should you need to flee that non-jumpable weather. Happy to answer any questions from you.
  3. You can still get an autographed book from Dick Fortenberry even if you can't attend his book signing. Telephone Skydive East Tennessee on Saturday 865-246-0212 with your credit card. The book is $29.00. Add $5 as a donation to the Paralyzed Veterans foundation and he will add a message to you.
  4. World Champion Skydiver and author Richard (Dick) Fortenberry will speak at a book signing appearance Saturday Oct. 22nd at 12: noon at Skydive East Tennessee in Dandridge, TN. His book NO ETA is an autobiography that details his rise from poverty to achieve “World Champion” in the early years of sport parachuting. From his first exposure to skydiving in 1955 to his assignment to the fist US Army Special Forces unit and his selection to be one of the original members of the Army’s “Golden Knights” parachute team to his domination of national and world parachuting competitive events, his book details the adventurous and sometimes tumultuous pioneer days of skydiving. Through his book the reader will meet some of the famous and some of the infamous leaders and characters that crossed his path in his skydiving career. The public is invited to attend Saturday’s event at the skydiving center. The facility is located near the Interstate 40 Exit 412 at 1542 W. Dumplin Valley Road. For information please call 865-246-0212 Fortenberry now resides in Pigeon Forge, TN after retiring from his most recent career as a corporate pilot. A clue to Dick's early development of our sport is his low license number, D-38. Get one today and it will have 5 digits and be in the 30,000+ series. This is a rare chance to add his signature to your logbook and perhaps buy his new book.
  5. Conveniently located 26 miles east of Knoxville, near Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on a private "Skydiving" only airpark, 1,300' concrete runway plus another 1,600' of grass runway. Scenic views of Douglas Lake, the Tennessee Valley, and the Great Smoky Mountains.
  6. Kathleen, Welcome to East Tn! We have a lot of quality people that enjoy our DZ. We would welcome you and your husband to join us. Regarding where to live in Knoxville, two of our jumpers are real estate agents in the local market. Both are good folks and good jumpers. Donna sold my home in Pigeon Forge and found my current home in South Knoxville. Here's contact info for both of them. Donna Copeland 865 414-1260. David O'Dell 865 806-6228. Happy Holidays! Gary