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  1. happy birthday bro love you loads n miss ya even more xx hope you beezy n bob having a ball up there!! be rude not to :D
  2. happy birthday lee xxx know ya partyin hard up there bro xxxx love you loads xxxx
  3. ‎3yrs on n & this day is still as painful! miss you so much lee it hurts like hell but i know you still with us so please give us some strength to get thru this day. love you loads bro xxx
  4. Thought of you today but that is nothing new, I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence. I often speak your name, all I have are memories and pictures in a frame. love you loads lee xxxxxxx
  5. lee would defo want him to go the same way!! always was an "eye for eye" beleiver. me mum n dad are really pleased its the death penalty but if the judge overturns at anytime maybe he will suffer the same! either way aslong as he dies.
  6. happy birthday lee, love ya loads hope ya drinkin hard with ya buddies up there xxx
  7. gorgeous isn't it! they got it from an italian designer shop....too damn heavy to shove in boot of the car tho so had to pay for it lol x
  8. nice 1 well done uploadin em mum!! just come on to have a try myself xx
  9. thx hun i hadnt seen it.. thats just great!! i'm doin good thanks x hope you n kim are well x
  10. me too! thanks lobby hun thewords are fab, wish i had tayed long enuff to hear it being slurred hehe x
  11. thankyou so much i will wear with pride! x
  12. mums been workin long hours this week so she might not have had chance to check yet! will let her know when i see her tomorrow x
  13. ......A wheelchair race......Is there ANY doubt that the Ogre himself is exerting some force over this whole thing and giggling his man-tits off about it? wat ya mean? were gonna stick dad in the race on his chicken chaser after a few whiskies! if it gets us a room were up for anythin lol
  14. excellent we can finish off the party in your big ass room then n i can just crawl into bed early hours