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  1. Come and face your fears with an Ocean View. The only Drop Zone in the Houston, Texas area where you can land on the beach
  2. Join us for our 2nd Annual International Boogie in Tela, Honduras 2015 on February 4th - 8th! Enjoy tandem and fun jumps from 14000' with picturesque views of the ocean and coast. We have a Let-410 reserved that can accommodate up to 24 jumpers. Special discounted room rates at a 4 star resort are in process of being negotiated that will include meals! We will be landing right on the beach in front of the beautiful Tela resorts. Bask in the excitement of cheers of hundreds of beach-goers as you land on the beach like a rock star! After a long day of jumping let's kick back with some cold ones and enjoy nightly entertainment provided by the resorts. Please RSVP asap so we can be sure to get rooms reserved for everyone who is interested. For more information please call/text Omar Bardales at 832-215-1493
  3. If you are in KY and you want to jump out of perfectly good airplane. ..well Skydive KY is the place to be.I just recently got the chance to pay them a visit and do a couple jumps,these people are one the best bunch of skydivers around,they make feel like family and best of all... they keep u in the air as much as u want,you not gonna get bump.Thank guys for the good time and the skies PS..please bring beer to the drop zone,Skydive KY is located in a "dry county"