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  1. Coolio! Thank you muchly, I'll get the AFF booked!
  2. Alright all, Been a member here a little while and posted the introduction etc. The situation is, I'm desperate to do my AFF but not in the position with work, money etc. to do so at the minute. However, I can't wait until June next year to jump again! I've always planned to go to Spain and do the AFF, making a holiday out of it also. The question is: Do I do an AFF 1 in the UK (Weston) and then do my AFF in Spain, having to repeat my AFF 1. Or, Complete another tandem at Weston, enjoy an easy ride and be no further ahead in becoming a skydiver? I'm very eager to learn but don't want to jeopardise my AFF in Spain by being taught different ways, half remembering things etc., etc. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Noticed it's very expensive in comparison over here and with nothing to look at but a motorway and few fields... Will hopefully make an eduacated decision at the end of Jan, a few options to think about now. Thanks again for your advice and input, much appreciated.
  4. Sweet! Just the snippets I was after! Know what most of it's called just from the beginner's section on here. Just thought it'd be better to already know the basics rather than during the course things being referred to and I'd forgotten or something! Must admit, I don't know the full structure of the course other than you receive 'ground training'. Don't like know-it-all's, sure no one does! Taught a few things to various types of people and it's far better to be a good listener when learning and ask appropriate questions where necessary. Just a habit that I throw myself into things and need knowledge! I'm still deciding which DZ to go to for the AFF. Thinking Spain as it's more cost effective, weather's better etc. My local DZ is Bicester, not sure where the other's you've mentioned are. Think the best bet is get acquainted a little (without out being a nuisance!) and take it from there.
  5. Aha! This is exactly what I wasn't planning on doing! Simple things like where all the components go etc., curious as to what happens to the d-bag once deployed and a few small things. With regards to actually learning; this is being fully left to the instructor. Bigway has given some very good advice and I'm definately not planning on being a know-it-all or self taught...can only end one way. The vidoe circulating of the AFF student jettisoning his main instead of pulling the ripcord shows this, IMO! Think the wires may have been slightly crossed there. Would knowing names for items be detrimental? Thanks for your inputs.
  6. Very true, absolutely desperate to get on with it!! Might visit my local DZ prior to starting the course. Learning to pack is a must and have to say, you've got balls to do a first jump on a rig you packed!! ...or confidence in what you've done! Pretty cool the goverment offered you the chance to learn, would never happen in our Nanny state unless for military purposes. That's actually a very good idea, one that hadn't even crossed my mind. Just trying to pick up all knowledge I can and admittedly the wait isn't going to help! Thanks again for taking the time to reply and giving some sound advice.
  7. Hmmm, fair point. Unfortunately I'm terrible for things like this! Like knowing everything I can before getting in to anything. As you've mentioned, I'm trying to pass with flying colours by learning what not to do, what everything does etc. Completely understand how this could be seriously detrimental. Very sound advice in that it could do more harm than good and I was trying to get a 'head start'. Thanks for the reply and all advice taken onboard, time to sit back and chill!
  8. I'm desperately trying to find a schematic or diagram of how a rig 'fits together' with labelled components and compartments. Perhaps also showing where everything goes once the main is deployed (like the d-bag) and when the reserve is deployed. Searched for ages and just can't find what I'm after. Although very useful, this thread doesn't quite cover it:;search_string=rig%20diagram;#463594. Hoping something like this will help me gain a better understanding in preparation for the AFF course. Thanks,
  9. I did a tandem here in October 2007, my first experience of skydiving. The DZ had a very relaxed atmosphere which chilled me out no end. Jerry was the primary TM, very professional bloke who made sure everything went well. Jean was my TM, caught a quick nap on the way up, slightly dis-concerting at the time but looking back it's pretty funny! The jump was amazing, awesome views of the whole cape. Table mountain was just as spectacular as you'd expect. My only gripe would be the aircraft that seemed a little old and couldn't do higher altitude drops. Think the main one was being serviced or to be replaced after their fire, not sure. Best thing has to be the atmosphere, so relaxed and this is perfect for first time jumpers.
  10. I don't buy into Christmas anymore, turned into an excuse for a quick buck! I also detest Christmas songs! Not a good time of year anyway. Bah humbug!
  11. Welcome. When I did my tandem I wasn't scared until the door opened! Shuffled across and dangled my feet out not, looking down with my head back on the instructors shoulder! A few seconds out of the plane i'd forgotten about all that and experienced the best thing ever! Can't wait to do it all again for myself.
  12. Had a bit more time to look in to this now and you're definately right, tandems are very expensive over here! Have some time to decide where and how I'm going to go about learning and it's not something I shall be rushing in to!
  13. Can't figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing!! Thanks for the welcomes. It's a long time to wait but I'm planning a tandem or two in the mean time. Also need to save some pennies!
  14. Hi all. Right, a brief intro then... My name is Gary and I'm from a sleepy County in England called Warwickshire. I completed a tandem jump at Sky Dive Cape Town last year and it's easily the best thing I've done in my life! If I remember, the tandem masters were Jean and Gerry. Far too long has passed by and really want to start jumping for myself. I'm planning a trip to California in the summer to do my AFF course. Better weather and works out more cost effective too. After this I'm thinking my local DZ will be Bicester. Hoping to become a part of the community and gather some very important information from