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  1. Robby was always my "go to" guy when I was organizing at Davis because he was capable of anything I asked him to do and willing to do any slot. He was just as happy in the base letting less experienced jumpers flail around him as he was taking the "money slot" on a complex hybrid. He was just plain FUN to have on the DZ whether on the ground or in the air. Every photo I have of him is distinguished by his big smile. It was fulfilling for me to see him arrive on the freefly scene, progress so rapidly, and take the reigns of bringing up new jumpers while at the same time pushing the sport by organizing events for the experienced jumpers. A giant hole now exists in the skydiving community. Robby, you will be severely missed. Godspeed, Chris Salcone
  2. Andy, nice video! Nice to see we made it in the video (or at least our Guano sticker did on Mike's helmet). Get in there! Salcone
  3. Here are some VRW shots from SkyDance in Davis, CA. Photos by Chris Salcone More photos on the updated gallery at Have a fun and safe Spring! -Guano
  4. Wow, what an amazing response to this thread! I'm glad people are paying attention to what they are reading and not just believing everything they read. I actually haven't received my Parachutist yet so I don't remember what exact words I used to answer some of the profile questions. As for the "my first 1000 jumps on a Sabre 135" comment...My FIRST canopy that I owned when I had 30 jumps was a TurboZX 189 and I got the Sabre 135 when I had 200 jumps. I spent the next 800+ jumps on the Sabre before moving to a Stiletto 120 and I now jump a Stiletto 107. I actually only weigh 5 pounds heavier than I did when I was on the 135 (but my gear weighs that many pounds lighter so it evens out!) To get to the bottom of the real question, YES, a new jumper buying their first canopy would not be considered conservative on a 1.3 wing loading no matter the size canopy but espesially a smaller canopy like the 135. (The PD website lists this wing loading as "Expert" for a 135). I certainly was not an expert canopy pilot when I had 200 jumps and got my 135 but I had flown my 189 in many conditions, at different DZ elevations, using all sorts of control inputs (at high altitudes, of course). I then spent the next 800+ jumps learning how to fly that non-elliptical canopy. I also learned high performance landings from straight in, to 90 degree, on up to 360 degree diving front riser turns on that canopy. I learned stalls, downwind landings, crosswind landings, and accuracy, and built confidence landing in tight spots or off-DZ landings. I did all this before downsizing ONE SIZE and changing to a higher performance Stiletto. This was what I considered a conservative progression. This worked well for me and although I'm not winning swoop contests, I am enjoying flying a canopy that I trust in nearly any condition and can fly the crap out of. Will I downsize and move up in performance? Time will tell. What's the hurry...I intend to live long doing this sport and jumping ahead of myself is not a way to do that.
  5. It really is cool to see such an international venture for this World Record. Best wishes from one who wishes he was jumping in front of a king! Be safe and KILL IT! Chris Salcone
  6. From someone who desperately wishes he could be there with y'all....good luck and be safe in Dubai everyone. Salcone
  7. There will be links to pictures from the various photographers at PH soon at Chris Salcone
  8. I arrive in Phoenix Thursday morning. I have room for one or possibly two people and their gear. See everyone in a week! Salcone
  9. If you haven't seen this video, you need to check it out. There is some excellent footage here put to some killer music. Not only was the American Boogie a great time but the video relives it well! See everyone there next year! Salcone