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  1. Sasha and the log was more impressive
  2. I think this guy should change his name to "Flounder" But watch and see. This is just the kind of guy who will spend his last buck on a lottery ticket and win $170 million. And then donate half of it to the foundation against cat juggling.
  3. JumpinJim1

    F-18 crash

    I think it is like the movie "blast from the past." The home owners are under ground thinking they were hit with a nuclear bomb
  4. I think you may see that fairly soon. But it will be a documentary of closed auto plants across the US and it will be a reality show
  5. Don, I completely understood the reluctance to jump load 7 on Sunday. I am sure that there are a hundred jumpers (especially from up north) that would have considered sunny, high of 60, no wind as less than November optimum conditions. However, I used the $25 to by firewood for sasha. Jean, I just showed Doreen the post and it had the effect that I was expecting on Sunday
  6. I don't know what is worse. Don's advice on how to make my house smell good or the fact that he makes the worlds best peanut butter brownies. I am really starting to question his sexual orientation. The only thing that he has going for him is his ability to tell you every word on a budweiser can by memory.
  7. JumpinJim1

    Blow job?

    At first I could see Don's look on his face when he shagged the tandem and asked her how she liked it and have that two sided tongue slip out. But then I had the vision of the fact that she could do a hook turn using her tongue in each of the toggles. Could be very useful in an emergency situation.
  8. The questions are no problem. cc stands for cubic centimeters and it is based on the size of the motor. Some manufacturers list the size in cubic inches (harley, victory and now suzuki) Generally speaking a 650 cc cruiser will have similar characteristics between manufacturers. The honda may be 50 lbs. different than the yamaha, but overall the performance will be comprable. There is a difference in sport bike vs. cruiser. A 650cc cruiser will be slower more controllable than a 600cc sport bike. The sport bike is not a vtwin (two cylinder engine that is configured in a V formation) It is normally a 4 cylinder higher rpm engine with a transmission that is geared for quick off the line performance and rapid acceleration. This is why I think they are dangerous for new riders. Look in the yellow pages or the internet for a motorcycle riders course. (it will also probably get you a discount on your insurance) They run around $250 to $400 depending on where you are located. They are not sponsered by the dmv. Not knowing where you live, I will assume that you will have to take a written test to get a motorcycle temporary license. This normally means that you cannot drive on a freeway, ride a passenger or ride at night. Than you will have to pass a drivers test to get the full motorcycle license. This often can be done at the school you choose. As far as the other replies from some of the people on the thread. I see where some of the problem lies in this sport. I have been very fortunate to have a great home drop zone. Because if you asked a question on something you didn't know about skydiving, even if some may think the question is stupid, you would get an answer instead of the sarcasim.
  9. I have rode for the better part of 25 years. Started with a dirt bike and currently ride a Goldwing. I average around 15,000 miles a year which is more than most of my friends who ride. So here is my experience talking, taking it for what it is worth. You wouldn't dream of jumping out of an airplane alone for the first time so you took the AFF class. Do the same thing. Don't buy the motorcycle until you have taken a motorcycle riders class. Than it will be easier for you to decide what is most comfortable for you. Everyone has a certain comfort level on a bike. Secondly it will give you time to talk to people and get personal information about what you are buying. The next thing you need to understand is that the chances are you will have an accident. The accident may be a small as dropping the bike in the middle of an intersection while trying to avoid a car to an actual crash. I have gotten to the point that I look inside the cars that I am ready to pass to see if the driver is on the cell phone. I don't assume anyone is stopping at an intersection even if they have a red light and I alway work on keeping an escape route out for the people who either fail to stop behind you or change lanes into you. It happens. People are not very observant so you have to be. That being said, it is like the sport of skydiving. Get trained, be safe and be smart. Stay one step ahead of danger by using your brains and it is the best way to travel. My opinion on first bikes is that 250 is a tad light if you are going to drive on roads that speeds exceed 60 or if there are hills. I would probably stay around the 650 to 800cc size for the first bike. I would not buy a new bike because it will be just like a skydive rig. You will outgrow it in a year or two. I also would not buy a sport bike for the first bike. They have great speed off of the line and are very agile. But it will put you in a situation that you will not have the experience to handle. Your friends won't laugh at you when you cruise on your cruiser. And when you do get the new or newer sport bike you will live long enough to enjoy it. Just my thoughts
  10. my last jump ticket has totally cost me about $9,000
  11. While the air cast boot is substantially better than a hard cast, it has been a couple months and I am already tired of it. I was told 4 more weeks before I can put any weight on it and 3 months before considered good enough to live an every day life. I hate crutches.
  12. Speaking from someone who is currently on the mend from a calcaneous fracture (shattered my heel), I have learned $10,000 later. He who skydives and hobbles away lives to skydive another day
  13. The question than comes to mind, are all of Don's clothes Geranimals? Is like his rig the Lion, and the jumpsuit the tiger and his underware the pus..I mean kitty?
  14. That is the greatest thing about this sport. There are people who really care and really make a difference. on another note, it is funny. In the skydive community if you make an error and get hurt or have a temporary stupid moment, you are talked about around the bonfire on how it should have been. However, I gotta tell ya, when asked what happened to your foot by a waitress or anyone else who is being nosey, and they find out it is a skydiving accident, it is like magnet city. All of a sudden the hot chicks that wouldn't give you the time of day are intrigued by your story. Hmmm, my advice to the people reading this thread. Go to the goodwill store and pick up a set of used crutches and an air cast and claim it as a skydiving incident. Instant introduction. (ok, I know I am married, sorry Doreen. But at my age, I have to take advantage of any situation.)