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  1. It is....the problem is translation...if you read the original Hebrew it puts it out quite plainly. The only problem is there are more than a few Hebrew words that we don't have a English word for. Then we have to arrange it to make it sound right and not jibba jabba. So in conclusion it is written plainly. Just hard to translate into English for more proper interpretation
  2. Big way AFF instructor? You'll feel like it playing this game. Enjoy!
  3. Well the title says it all....I know its not the swine flu...but here are my symptoms: 1) Acting really snarky and smiley 2) Being sexually attracted to long, shallow bodes of water 3) The need to keep unusually small peaces of fabric above my head 4) The inexplicable urge to fill my wardrobe with "man-pri's" If anyone can help diagnose my situation it would be wonderful. Thanks!
  4. Two of my favorites are Mitch Hedberg and Jim Gaffagen both excellent on their respective CD's.
  5. clikeyd for your viewing enjoyment.
  6. Cineo

    iPhone Apps

    Get Tap Tap free game gets you more weird looks while your jabbing your phone everywhich its fun and has lots of extra downloadable songs for free!
  7. Also a cool vid where sound resonace influences a medium.
  8. I just got my Licence recently too...I did it really fast i got my temps on one day and took my licence test the next day and passed...It's easy to pass the test but I deff want lots and lots of experiance so I dont kill myself. Have fun with that bike!
  9. You could just do what I did...I sold my EQ2 toon for skydiving money...I sold my toon for enough money to take my AFF 1 and haven't looked back sense. I still occasionaly play some games but most of my time is taken up by work/school/skydiving/partying. Good Luck.
  10. Connor....natty is a sin...please dont make me beat you up you know better...drink something more high class...or else
  11. I found this page of the uspa to be very helpful with statistics you may want to use for your paper. Hope it helps!