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  1. My first jump was a tandem, they thought it was really cool, scary, but looked like fun. Three days later when I said I'm going back to learn how to skydive on my own I got the response "No nooo, you don't need to be going and doing all that again this weekend, we'll go some other weekend I don't have the time this weekend to go." My response: "What? Well you aren't exactly required to be at the dropzone while I jump, you'd probably be bored to tears anyway." For the next year after I was licensed, if the weekend was gray + rainy my folks would make comments "Wow too bad you can't go skydive this weekend, maybe next weekend huh." When the weather was clear though they'd make comments like "You don't have to go jumping every single weekend, skydiving will still be there even if you take a few months off." Note: They knew about it from Facebook status updates and all that, I didn't live with them. Eventually they simply lost track of when I was skydiving or not, and we eventually stopped talking about it altogether.
  2. The alternator will charge it yes, it's not very good for it though. Better to have it charged, Autozone, Advance Auto, Pep Boys, they all charge batteries. Don't be surprised if the battery is bad by now though, the lead plates can get corroded when it's sat for a long period like that.
  3. Quite a few, if not hundreds. It would still be considered trespassing if you did a jump into one of these areas without permission. The symbol is simply there to warn pilots that there may or has been parachute activity in that area. It does not specify skydivers, military, etc.
  4. It doesn't bother me entirely too much as I've been around skydivers since I started jumping 5 years ago. I know some of them are great and helpful to other jumpers, and some are complete dickheads that nobody cares about. Point being, what if the AFF-I and the TI had this attitude toward some student with 2 jumps under his belt same day. Might make him second guess if he wants to get into the sport. I had my motorcycle parked over in the parking section, was hanging out there waiting for my load, and I could hear the AFF-I talking to a student concerning exit posture. The student was making a small typical new jumper mistake, easily correctable, and the AFF-I was practically screaming at this young guy "Are you going to do that up in the air huh?!! Well are you, tell me now!!!" I never received such treatment as a student jumper back at my home-dz, nor did any other students, and we all got our A stamps right on jump 25.
  5. Jumped at DeLand this weekend for the first time since 2008. I mostly kept to myself, jumped with some out of towners, had a good time for the most part except... 5 minutes after I arrive at the dropzone, a TI approaches me with a nasty tone of voice "What are you doing landing in the fucking experienced area, how many jumps do you have, barely 100?" I started giving a confused reply and he stomped off, I have no idea what that was all about, I always landed in the slow canopy area since I was jumping my sky barge this weekend. Occurrence number 2: an AFF instructor yells at me from across the hangar sarcasticly "Did you lose your helmet up there or what pal?" I said "No I didn't wear a helmet today." Another AFFI says "Hehe I think he's being sarcastic with you.." then the first AFFI says "You're a student wear a damn helmet or don't jump here." I said "I hope you don't talk to your students that way, and I'm not your pal, guy." He walked off I'm guessing to check in to see who I was and how many jumps I have or something. He didn't make eye contact with me for the rest of the weekend. Other than that I got along with the other jumpers very well, but I'd say 99% of them were out of towners. Carl is great, nice guy. Manifest and counter ladies are also very nice.
  6. I wonder if the aliens have named our sun something whacky like Delta Sephicoulous B274
  7. I once ripped my pants while weight lifting on the beach to impress my lady friend. At first I was embarrassed, but then I rectified the situation by going around ripping my pants for the rest of the day and causing general mischief amongst bikini bottom.
  8. I'm sure the military told you it was simple "battle fatigue" and that two hours of rest would cure it right?
  9. Make no mistake, you deciding to go against her wishes and jump could cause a serious speedbump in your marriage. She may take it as you being some sort of suicidal rebel or something, you never know how a whuffo wife will react. Then again maybe she'd accept your new found hobby. I doubt it.
  10. I started to type out a post, then realized the OP probably isn't going to be here to read it since the thread is 11 years old.
  11. I did begin to drift away from my non-jumping friends at first, but after a little while I ended up getting annoyed with most skydivers. Not all of them of course, but most.
  12. I recommend everyone watch the movie "The Road (2009)". It depicts the world 10 years after some sort of catastrophe. Well, the people who would have stored away food and ammunition still meet a very grim outcome. Granted that movie only demonstrates the world after some sort of event that ruins the ecosystem and never recovers. Essentially leaving no living organisms behind other than humans. Typically a survivable breakdown of economic order would only be localized, and may only last weeks, months, to a few years until order is restored or you're able to escape to a different part of the world.
  13. I'm not going to argue with you about it. It's an established school. I'm not going to go get ripped off by some dude flying an old junk c172 out of a grass strip in the middle of nowhere.
  14. I'd say every dime of the 100 dollars per week I earn working part time minimum wage will go to housing and food expenses.