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  1. Oh my god, I just blew tea out my nose... OMG, I can't wait to get home. I HAVE to see this! I tried to open tshirthell.com in my office and the webfilter blocked it as a tasteless site lol
  2. Ignorant question here, but if the jumper is dangerously reackless and will not improve their ways after being talked to at length etc. can't their jumping permit just be suspended or even revoked? ETA that I'm talking about serious infractions here. Baksteen brings up a pretty good questions: Under what circumstances, if possible at all, can you get your license revoked?
  3. No, that's the beauty of my evil plan. So how would we know that you are sitting naked in front of your pc while banning us?
  4. I didn't know about that, but I guess I'd fall under that category too. Do they say why? I think it might be because of BSE beef. Wasn't it around 1996 when the brits finally got a hold of it? Maybe you can have those prion thingies in your blood. Dunno, just guessing here.
  5. What happened? You burned your house down? No, they have just been great since my husband died, without going into details about the case, they have done quite a bit for me. It is rare that I give props to an insurance company, but I truly love them That sounds great! Usually insurance companies are trying to get away with paying or at least try to reduce the payment and/or stretch out the point at which they have to pay...
  6. Needles, Spiders and Bugs. I really would like to donate, but to say that I HATE needles is an understatement. I start sweating like crazy when you approach me with a needle. A skindoc wanted to remove a little patch that might be cancerous... had to stop cause he couldn't give me the local numbing injection. He was afraid if I would be ok since I was soaked from sweating as soon as I saw the needle
  7. ZeG


    OMG that is good. I immediatly emailed it to my office colleagues Oh and if you think about it: They guy makes a good point
  8. What happened? You burned your house down?
  9. ZeG

    strange people

    So it's now the "cool" thing to do to permanently tattoo commercial logos on your skin? What will he do next, put a Tommy Hillfinger tattoo across his chest? Maybe a Fruit of the Loom tattoo on his ass? Omg I had to choke when I read the Fruit of the Loom part... That is hilarious Or maybe he can get the Chiquita logo (bananas) on his... THAT would be cool
  10. Even if one Ukrainian jumper would doctor with that and jump in the US with his rig. Does it even matter? I thought the local laws apply and not those of home country. So airworthyness and not age is important.
  11. One Rig that I have seen, has Oh Shit on the Cutaway and Plan B on the reserve pillow. Pretty cool in my opinion.
  12. I rest my case. The President can't post anything in your forums unless you approve. The moderator trump card. Wait until the Secret Service visits her hehe. Aren't they allowed to just hold someone for 24h or something like that without giving a reason?
  13. ZeG


    Doesn't the same apply to skydivers?