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  1. suck what? i dont understand your yank drawl thank fuck your boy isn't in the armed forces... he'd have rolled over and died just like the rest of you sad cunts do ....vietnam anybody? bay of pigs? at least you can cheer for something, because you're a fucking joke at war
  2. Is that a rapper? Chuck i thought it was some fat bastard who sold cars
  3. Mayweather's hands are knackered, he's at the end of his career and Ricky knows it. Ricky would have beat him even if they had met 5 years ago Mayweather had a very large wake up call at the weigh in, 9 thousand Hatton fans all singing Hatton's name, almost brought a tear to my eye The Brits have invaded Las Vegas (cool place, been there twice and i'm returning in Feb to get married there ) how awsome is it when we follow our sporting hero's eh? you don't get 10's of thousand of yanks following their heros... mind you, with only a tiny portion of them even having the brains to get themselves a passport, are you supprised "follow our sporting heros? hell no !!! i'm just gonna sit here on ma porch and smoke me some crack bubba"
  4. stop fucking it up the arse then
  5. Ok fight fans, time for that arrogant piece of shit "pretty boy" Mayweather to get dropped big time by Ricky Hatton, it's going to be a mash up of biblical proportions Mayweather seems to be a typical yank, all flash and "look at me" and likes to think showing bad taste bling somehow makes you look cool what a prize penis he is He's going to find out what it's like to get beated up by a boy from Manchester, big time beaten up....even his fucked up father won't be able to recognise him after Ricky's finished with him anybody else going to be watching this?
  6. then how do we know it really happened? just because you say it did, doesn't mean we can believe it
  7. and some of those law abiding citizens might develope mental problems later on and go on a shooting frenzy simply because they have instant access to a gun (their own) but if law abiding citizens didn't have access to guns then the ones who might go crazy wouldn't have a gun easly at hand to pop some caps in peoples arses..... you can't argue that they'll still find some other way of taking out numerous people because you simple don't know that..... what you DO KNOW is that people are going on shooting frenzies
  8. funny the first time she said it.... not so funny the 300th
  9. At least this chap has got a lift to the summit.... http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m32/pm_tech/comicdogslife01_1.jpg
  10. The bizzare thing is that about 7 years ago, we had all our road hauliers protesting about fuel prices, they caused blockades at depots and no fuel got to forcourts.... it was "only" about £0.85 a litre then, now it's £1.11 a litre and no sign of them yet again, we in Britain are bending over and taking one up the pipe
  11. well..... over this side of the pond, we're currently paying £1.11 a litre for petrol.... that would be around $10 a gallon, would you pay that for it?
  12. http://www.webwombat.com.au/lifestyle/fashion_beauty/images/d-versace-2.jpg Donnatel Versace surely one of her friends should have said to her "stop, you're starting to look a right fucking twat by trying to hold back the years"
  13. http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/11_02/janice3REX_468x382.jpg Janice Dickinson She's just been on our "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and fully lived up to the lable of loud mouth yank .... what a totally self obsessed, vile, look at me, fake individual... and she can't seriously think her surgery looks anything but shite can she?
  14. http://www.huembwas.org/Pictures2/Curtis/curtis1.jpg BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA how can this sucker even think about going out in public looking like this? he's GOT to be shaving behind his ears by now? seperated at birth?.... http://www.starwares.com/display/56044.jpg http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20070403/293.parton.dolly.040307.jpg .... YOU DECIDE
  15. I've just bought a second hand Pilot 104 and i'm a bit of a lard bucket.... what can i expect on the openings and what will it fly like please? I got it at a very good deal, too good to say no