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  1. All are amazing, and i have too many favs...but one that i can remember like a great movie in part... Halloween 2 yrs ago...sunset in elsinore...colors reflecting off the clouds, do a goaround, the moon is bright and full on the other side....we jump and dance so smooth in the air, my first kiss pass going through my first cloud...dark, silent, amazing.... that jump made me buy a protrack!
  2. i just did #200, and i was more nervous than the tandem, and my friend has almost 800 and still gets nervous....
  3. ha, is there an energy in the air or what? I was just replying to the taking a break b/c im in grad school and trying to master more than one thing in my life. Why is it sometimes one or the other, or all or nothing? Is it truth or an issue of control, or....???
  4. real weird to see this post, there i am not able to sleep and wondering why skydiving consumes me less this week than last week, looking for the perfect ironic Im in grad school and having trouble focusing on more than one great focus in my life... not ready to take a break, but confused about the mental powers behind this sport... any thoughts?
  5. I haven't got it in 5 months...called and they said i would get them...tried emailing, but didnt go through... any ideas? Or could anyone put the email in here for me? thanx
  6. Who made it to Elsinore for the 3rd annual chicks rock boogie??? I haven't missed a year yet, and it gets better...couldn't have gone better!!!!!! If you weren't there, you missed out...the jumping, the partying, the energy was amazing! Plan on next year, the 4th will be even bigger and better!
  7. there are lots of things that we need to come natural to us in this sport. well, how do you do that if you dont have experience??? Constant visualization visualize the entire skydive, over and over, esp the order of all pulls. Visualization will form natural habbits that will carry you through the panic... dont lose it right next time!
  8. Whether your flying canopies, planes or gliders, you are all manipulating the air through flight. Just a tip that improved my understanding and control skills of a canopy: I started to learn to fly gliders. There is a book to study for the private glider rating called The Soaring Flight Manual. There is not enough information out there explaining the very nature and basics of flying a canopy...check this out and you will be glad you did. From winds and turbulence, to aerodynamics and loadings of the wing...its awesome!
  9. Im still a rookie, but raised in this sport around swoopers, so i know enough to say that you shouldnt be considering doing hook turns until you are a pro under your canopy and get serious training, after watching and watching and watching....please be careful There is an amazing canopy school at Perris
  10. Ever since I got off student status, i jumped in jogging pants and longsleeved t's... then one day, my shirt wasnt long enough to really tuck in and my pants didnt tie...not only did it ruin the dive, and show my boobs iand butt in such a pleasant form, but it was very dangerous, thank God i didnt have to cut away... Keep the clothes tight and tucked for a smooth flight!
  11. Good to see tracking discussed as a safety gives us control and safe clearance... Students should have stronger tracking demands to meet, to ensure their safety and commitment to tracking throughout their skydiving lives.
  12. Good to hear that you are in love with the sport...and that means dealing with the fears...seems like its more scary to live without it once it is a part of you....
  13. It's so good to read this, i mean, im soooo sorry for you...but its so scary to hear people pushing limits for issues that revolve around money. People do stupid things, risking safety, for issues of convenience. Just because you are experienced, don't forget what your doing and that your life depends upon your decisions... Glad you made a true lesson experience of a real crap day
  14. I could be off, but dust devils do go over grass, but they are obviously more difficult to see. Elsinore had one starting in the grass...5 freak landings in a row, we figured out what it was Its not the dust that gets them going, the dust is what we see...Quote
  15. Hey all!!! I have had the amazing gift of skydiving in beautiful Hawaii for the past few months....its something to start planning for b/c Skydive Hawaii is having A Party In Paradise!!! It's not till Feb, but u have enough time to look for cheap tickets and plan the best time of your life! I don't even work at the dz, but I hope to share this time with as many skydivers as possible! Check it out: C ya on the beach!!!!!