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  1. spootch

    Safire 2 lower brake lines

    At 250 jumps the lines should be ok... That being said if something is causing you concern, get your rigger a beer and ask.
  2. spootch

    Reserve Extraction Force Test?

    # 4 would be moot after the first extraction. FWIW i have done periodic tests (curiosity) after the extraction debate was brought up some years ago. I have the jumper stand with rig on and measure the pull on the bridal to extract the molar with the main still packed. The highest i've had was 19.5 lbs. what does that mean for the price of rice in China? nothing, but I have not seen one "stick" or appear to be stuck such as some of the video John S has.
  3. spootch


    Hang in there tiger, they are having a bit of a snafu over there. I sent mine off around the same time as you, so the plan is to wait till I get it back
  4. spootch

    check out my new rig

  5. spootch

    Analog altimeter question

    send the POS back! and while your at it send the Alti in for a tweak to !
  6. spootch

    Safire 2 139sqf in a Mirage G4 MT

    mmm it'll be tight....
  7. spootch


    Quotei need to slow down in free fall. me and my son have about 15 jumps each. we tried to do a 3 way with our coach i fell to fast. my coach said i needed to get a jump suit to slow me down. my weight is 205 and my son weight 145. Thanks[/rep Thats awesome, that your willing to pass on with your son ! most dads wouldn't . P.S. get a new instructor
  8. anywhere from 1500 - 8000 bucks
  9. spootch

    Epic tandem passenger quote

    another tandem master and I were on a load together with female students. He and his pax were discussing how they would get attached in the plane (small cessna). Asking her tandem master "ok, so I get on my knees and then what?" To which my pax leaned over and responded "open your mouth !"
  10. Thank you Kenny. There you have it folks VIGIL is the best!
  11. spootch

    downsizing canopy advice

    it should work ok
  12. spootch

    Tolerance of HP canopy measurements

    beatnik gave me some great suggestions . you could try and pm him
  13. spootch

    Container sizing

    yep, but a 114 would fit better. 365 ci
  14. weird, I wonder how the main ended up with the FB? oh well, glad you made it there were more than enough spins in that to loose ones lunch speaking of weird, three blocks down showed nakEDs cut away. I never knew it was posted, but I did watch it from the deck of ESC. Nothing like being geared up for your first jump of the year and watching Ed cut, dirty low
  15. spootch

    Help Needed C182 Door Problem

    our 182 has a hole so it may sink in. that being said I wonder if you can run the threaded part further into the wing then tighten the locking nut (so it sits flush with the nut)