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  1. Ask for Spencer when you make your reservation. He's awesome!
  2. It really depends where you are and what waivers were signed and what they said. Sq1 at Perris has an incredibly detailed waiver that states that if the customer has a cutaway they are responsible for the gear. They work with the price since its used but you are responsible for the cost of the main and any freebag, bridle that may have gone with it, handles and all repack costs. We also would make sure they knew that we cared way more about them and their lives so they are all instructed to not follow gear down and not worry about it, we will deal with it when the dust settles. We were always happy they saved their lives first. Gear can be replaced, lives can't.
  3. There is a tunnel in Nashua and Skydive Pepperel super close by the tunne;
  4. I work for them and will be working at this tunnel. Yes, some of the new ones in smaller cities are 12s. Ontario will be 14.
  5. 14ft just like most of the iFLY models. Take a look at iFLY Houston-The Woodlands online, it will look almost exactly like that... almost all the new ones will Yup, you'll be able to freefly in it
  6. They have broken ground, it is near the mall. Tentatively scheduled to open November/December. Pic attached was taken beginning of June. There is now a hole dug and some re-bar placed. I'll be out there in a couple of weeks and will post a new pic :)
  7. Where in CT are you from? I lived in Ridgefield/Danbury for a long time and started jumping at The Ranch in 2007. I live in Seattle now but miss The Ranch and my friends there a lot. The Ranch is a great place to learn, Linda and Pete, Steve, Lynnlee and the whole staff are amazing. Welcome to the sport!
  8. Pretty sure the school does water training the first sunday of the month, call them and they will set it up. Duane focuses on the mechanics and controls, he teaches you what each control does and has you do drills and helps you build the confidence and understanding you need to be a better more aware canopy pilot. He gives you an in depth briefing before you start jumping and video's each jump with a thorough debrief after each jump. Pretty sure his canopy coaching is $250 a day and one day will get your B license proficiency card signed off. His canopy course is completely separate from his speedflying/ground launching course. You won't regret working with him.
  9. Talk to Duane Hall, he is the manager of Sq1 and does a ton of canopy coaching there. is his website and you can reach him at [email protected] He is pretty flexible with scheduling and you will learn a ton!
  10. Sit tight, Square 1 is about to release their version of a G3, its called the Phantom Kiss. Its got a great venting system and extremely easy to change lens (30 seconds to change it, I swear). It's going to be great!
  11. I started ground launching on a stiletto 135, made the transition from skydiving to ground launching/speedflying a little easier since I knew the flight characteristics and controls better. Needed a lot of space to run. Switched over to a real speedwing after a few little baby flights.
  12. AliMac


    I've worked manifest at a couple of different dz's. Whenever a student asks me about tipping their instructor I usually tell them that it is optional, not expected but the amount is usually within the $10-$20 range, I also explain that a "fun Jump" or "non work jump" is about $20 (with employee discount if you have one) and the instructors will really appreciate a jump paid for for them. :)
  13. As long as the weather at Perris is good and you can handle multiple jumps in a day, as well as maybe some tunnel time if needed, you should be able to get it done in 7 to 10ish days... If you plan on jumping at Burning Man I'm pretty sure you need at least 100 jumps, due to the crowds and the weather conditions (i.e weather) in the desert. Good luck!