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  1. tbmoore

    Old topic...due pin cks

    Wanted to make a quick comment on doing "Pin Checks"...Do Them....I was on a load today when the jumper beside me looked across to the jumper across from me....The Chest Strap was not threaded correctly ...we were at 11500ft and waiting on green light....On opening shock it could have been a very bad day.;....good catch....more pin checks people......
  2. tbmoore


    Paralog, Neptune II , Mac and Mr Klaus Rheinwald….I want to say thanks for the service….I was upgrading my Macbook Software and iPhone software when the new iPhone 4s came out and upgraded my Paralog to work with my smartphone…I had some issues because all the software came out at one time….Mr Rheinwald worked with me till 2am his time and got it working. He also sent me my money back on the upgrade since I already had a license….very few honest folks….Again Thanks….Paralog works great with the Mac and iPhone logger…
  3. tbmoore

    Macbook - Neptune N3 & Paralog

    Macbook – Paralog - Neptune N3 This has been hard to setup. Harder than it should be. All three products are good but harder than it should be to make them work together. Everyone wants to help and nice but I think installation should be better designed. Neptune did offer money back. Love it now that it is running. Just took too long to gather correct information.. Still have to go into Windows to operate the MNU but that is only for upgrades. Can live with that for now... Written to help other Macbook owners that want to download their N3 to Paralog. I have the basic Macbook running MAC OS X version 10.6.3 with intel core 2 Duo. Driver for USB is FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_14.dmg (Install this first without N3 connected. Paralog version installed is 5.3.1 Some of the instructions I have seen on other sites do not work as described on my setup. I did not see the screen prints as shown on some sites. Therefore drivers do not look as if installed. First I suggest Driver is installed. DO THIS BEFORE CONNECTING YOUR N3. Then do a reboot. Now you can connect your N3 to USB port. Make good connection…rubber protector can unplug the N3 or prevent connection… Install Paralog and reboot. When you enter Paralog Register and use normal instructions. Serial port should show up when you try to connect. You can verify N3 is connected to port by going to Applications---Utilities---System Profiler…Under Hardware select USB…..N3 should show up. (As shown on some sites and screen shots I have no Icons or setup screens..most likely different versions but confusing).. This was written for working in Mac…NMU … will not work in Mac…It will run in VMware Fusion (I am running this) and I have been told Parallels…In VMware it installed as it would in normal Windows install with no issues. But for normal downloads who wants to load all this up. I would rather take the quicker route and just download in Mac. Below are links to Drivers and Paralog that helped. Mac OS X FT2232H, FT4232H, FT232R, FT245R, FT2232, FT232B, FT245B, FT8U232AM, FT8U245AM 2.2.14 21st October 2009 http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm http://www.h-itt.com/dl/Mac_OS_X_Installation_Guide.pdf http://forum.altimaster.com/downloads.php?do=cat&id=2
  4. After an 18yr lay off I was on one of my first few jumps with a BOC and could not find it...after two attempts while still reaching for the BOC I went for the reserve...This place me in a head down position and according to my computer I was aproaching 170mph when the reserved opened... I new I was black and blue on my leg down to the knee but after a couple of weeks this went away. About a month later I noticed a lump on my groan...After surgery I was told it was a triple hernia and the lump was part of my intestine....My local drop zone has closed for the year but I will get back with coach when they open back up in the spring...I am 58 and rather large but still trying to take my time and get back into the sport....I am retireing today after 30 years so what better to do with my time....
  5. tbmoore

    couldn't find handle

    I had a simular situation last spring after getting back into the sport after over 18yr layoff..I had started with military gear...moved to belly band...then leg deployment and now I found it BOC. I did retrain and jumped with a coach but on about my 5th jump could not find the BOC. I reached twice then went straight to the reserve....Since then I jumped by myself ... or with a coach....and still pulling high untill I feel like I am back in the saddle again...I am too old to let ego kill me...I am just taking it slow and easy for now....