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  1. Take a look at Paracentrum Texel in The Netherlands: https://www.paracentrumtexel.nl/en/. Open 7 days a week, jumps from 13K., running Supervans and if you buy 25 jumps you get 2 for free. I'm biased though as I'm from there. I hear great things about Skydive Spain, Skydive Algarve and Skydive Empuriabrava as well. Let us know where you went and how things worked out.
  2. Great idea; very interested in this as well. Did you find a solution to transmit a live feed from a jump plane by now? If so, please do tell :-)
  3. Hi there, I'll be visiting Norway for a weekend next september 2013 and will be pretty close by to Parachute Club Cirrus Gothenburg in Sweden. I'm thinking about adding a day to to the trip to visit the DZ on the way home. I'm wondering about any up to date info about the DZ, especially with regards to jumping on sundays and mondays during my time frame of visit (15 / 16 sept 2013). Also, I'm Dutch, anyone know of anything special to take into account with regards to bringing you own gear to jump in Sweden? I'll be travelling by car / ferry by the way; so no airline troubles. Thanks!
  4. What is the SOP with regards to a flip through the risers as shown in that video? Haven't thought about this 'malfunction' yet. If that would have happend to me I think I'd haved checked a.s.a.p. if the canopy would turn and flare like it should and would then have kept it if I were above my hard ceiling (2000 ft). Would have chopped though if I couldn't perform said checks if I were between 2000ft and 1000ft.
  5. Clicky: www.team-x-treme.org/#/operation-x-wing/4567169868
  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go out and do a tandem and hold up that sign yourself. I've seen stranger stuff happen with tandem passengers at my local DZ.
  7. I'm pretty new myself with just over 100 jumps but I'd second what someone else already said earlier: learn to pack. Make sure you understand the function of every bit of kit and when or why you'd need it to be on your rig. You'll become very familiar with your equipment and especially why it's so safe when used correctly. That should take the edge off, leaving you with a far better manageable fear level that will most likely diminish as you jump. So go and jump regularly after you've learned to pack. Your skillset will grow, the fun you'll have will increase and you'll become a safer skydiver in the process. Normally this should all reflect on your fear level. By the time you have about 50 jumps it will probably be hard to conjure up the feeling of fear that you're feeling now. Let us know how things worked out for you!
  8. Have you considered using the escrow.com service? From what I've read on their website that should be a safe way to do transactions like this. Haven't used that site / service myself yet by the way. Do let us know how this worked out in the end!
  9. Thanks for the reply; will definitely do exactly as described above on my next jump. Glad I posted my question; appreciate the input a lot.
  10. Thanks sundevil777, I actually didn't think about how the reserve would open; well behind and / or below. That's a bit of piece of mind right there. Thanks!
  11. I get that the reserve pin is held in place snugly, but it being pulled so that the end is way on the grommet is what I meant in my worst case scenario described above. Wondering if an opening could then get it to release the closing loop.. I have, to sum it up in no particular order I'd say: - main and reserve get entangled (not ok: 'repair' and / or chop) - two out: side by side (ok, steer slowly into wind with largest, don't flare) - two out: biplane (ok, steer slowly into wind with largest, don't flare) - two out: downplane (not ok: chop)
  12. Hi there, I just reread my old post where I asked what to do if your cutaway is pulled by accident, for instance by someone else on exit. As a sidenote, it's nice to see that my understanding of the gear has increased since I asked that question; the mechanics are clear in my mind now about how that scenario would play out. Reading that post brought another question to mind though: what if it were the other handle that was pulled ? So the scenario I'm wondering about goes like this: - skydiver is in freefall - reserve handle is pulled from the velcro - reserve hasn't deployed l would initially think about holding on to the reserve handle so that it won't cause the reserve to deploy in freefall and would then pull the main at a high altitude. When under canopy I'd try to get the reserve handle back in the velcro so that it won't cause the reserve to fire. I do believe I've heard something like this being discussed on my DZ by at least one instructor.. I would worry a lot about the opening and ride down though. If the reserve pin was pulled by the removal of the handle, leaving the pin just barely holding the closing loop, couldn't the opening forces possibly be able to release the last bit ? That would leave me with a two out scenario.. Assuming this is the right way to handle something like that I can't really think of a better alternative. Going for your reserve straight away would leave me with a canopy that couldn't be cut away if something went wrong with it. Which would also result in a two out scenario but this one would be without the option of cutting away the faulty canopy.. Would love to hear what others think about this, and / or if my reasoning isn't sound..
  13. Hi there, Both Sony and Contour have just announced / released their new point of view cameras and I thought this would be a good place to gather experiences / reviews so that a comparison between the two can be made. I've not mentioned the GoPro's as there's already an abundance of information available with regards to those camera's. For the record, I'm looking into getting one of the abovementioned camera's myself but i'll have to jump quite a bit more before I can use them for recording my skydives. Contour+ 2 website: http://contour.com/products/contour-plus-2 Sony action Cam website: http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&identifier=S_Sony_Action_Cam Contour+ 2 review http://gizmodo.com/5939690/contour%252B2-can-this-new-action-camera-finally-dethrone-the-gopro What I would personally like to know: - Video quality comparison - Image stability comparison - How using the slowmotion feature works out (can you switch from normal speed to slowmotion when editing with the supplied editing software?)
  14. Just to let you guys know how this first-rig-buy-question worked out. I think I already mentioned that I bought it last week on the spot when I met the seller at my riggers place. Picked it up yesterday when the cypress battery had been replaced and the reserve had been repacked and got to jump it straight away. Made one more jump today at my home DZ. The OJ container was made to house a Sabre2 150 when it was ordered and nicely holds the small packing Pulse 170. I bit weird as the Sunpath specs indeed say the OJ was made for a 139 max. Two packers worked on it and both said it was a normal fit. How about that. The container is indeed a bit big in the middle section; might get that made to fit a bit better. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Just found this thread, I can't find examples online either. Did you end up getting one? If so, could you post a picture?
  16. Yesterday I met the seller at my riggers shop. The rigger was nice enough to give some advice regarding the fit (excellent fit !:-) and the condition of the rig. All was in great condition so I bought the rig. Happy as can be right now with my first rig. The rigger is now doing the repack and replacing the Cypress battery and he was confident that the container will nicely hold a PD Pulse 170 that I can rent. So with a bit of luck I can do the 23 jumps I need to be able to fly the Sabre 150 with my new harness and rig. Oh, and did I mention it's great looking as well ;-) ? I can't upload pictures from my Ipad but here's the link to the original ad on a Dutch skydive forum: http://www.paraforum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5221&sid=60cf3cb155ce02e4ac601b6587fca3a6
  17. Well, fabric-wise it's pretty special actually, this is what the Sunpath guy said in a PM to me: "Thats a GREAT looking rig. It used all of our specialty fabrics. Leather, Diamond back, and Hounds Tooth. Hip & Chest rings!! " Since the seller mentioned Space Age Fabrics you could be pretty close to the mark with Alienskin...
  18. Thanks for the comments. Will meet the seller tomorrow at the rigger's who'll help me determine if it's a good fit and in good condition. I'm perfectly ok with leaving it at home for the next 23 jumps, or however long it takes, to be ok for flying a 150. I'll leave it up to my instructors to give me the green light (or not) after I'm at 100 jumps. Think that's the best way to go since I'm not bestowed with mad skillz. Someone from Sunpath who read the post has been nice enough to give me a copy of the spec sheet for this particular rig and on that sheet it says: Main: SA 150 Reserve: PD143R So I'm pretty sure the container was made to house the 150.. hence I'm even more interested to see how a small packing pulse would fit. But something someone else up here said also makes a lot of sense; about not trying to fit in canopy sizes that the manufacturer recommends against. Still, since sunpath built it to house a 150 it makes me wonder. The reason for this post: to be able to figure out what options the rig has installed has been answered.
  19. Just got a picture from the rigs paperwork, if I can read the handwriting correctly is says: - Container size: OJ - Yoke: C - Harness 19 1 1/2 - Lateral 21 - Legpad 22 Does this make sense (especially the harness size) ? Edited to add: Btw it packs a 150 Sabre2 that under my countries rules & reg's I can't fly till I reach the 100 jumps mark. Need the 100 jumps for the canopy type and the canopy size both. Don't want to either for what it's worth: plan to be an old fart someday. My exit weight with a student Javelin is 189 lbs. So my WL with this new rig would be around 1,25 wich is just shy of my countries max WL for my jumpnumbers (1,30) at the 100 jumps mark. Talked to my instructor and he deemed the rig a good fit as soon as I reach a 100 jumps.
  20. Thanks for the replies! The spacer-foam backpad isn't that big a deal btw, just one of many things that I wondered about, but the first to come to mind. I've seen some pictures and expect the serial soon so that we can get the sunpath info. Excellent suggestion, thanks for that! Someone was already nice enough to offer help with regards to that. The thing I wonder about now most is if it'll fit a 170 pulse, but I'm guessing that question will be answered quickly when the serial is known. Can't wait!
  21. Hi there, could use some help figuring out what options were available when you ordered a Javelin in 2002. I'm seriously considering buying my first rig with "full options" with DOM 2002. Spacerfoam being just one of the options I'm interested in knowing if it was available at that time; to explain the title. The seller isn't sure what all the options were -exactly- besides the ones that stand out most. I as a buyer, on the other hand, would like to know us much as possible before I get a change to see the rig in real life. I'm pretty sure I'll brainfart partly when presented with the opportunity to buy the rig on the spot and to leave the scene as a proud first-rig-owner. So, knowing this about myself I would like to do as much of the serious brainwork beforehand when I can still do some reasonable math... If someone could let me know what any or all the available options were on Javelins in 2002 please do..
  22. Could anyone please provide some more information with regards to above posted quote? I use rental gear that sometimes comes with an FXC and sometimes with a Cypres or Vigl. Would really like to know what possible dangers to look out for.. Thanks
  23. Thanks for the suggestions, but they're not the video's I'm looking for. Not: - with jeb corliss - in a tunnel The thing that stood out was the amazing effects and editing. A bit like this one: https://vimeo.com/30929530 Hope someone can help me out, love that clip.
  24. Hi there, I believe it was around the end of 2011 that I saw a great skydive video online. For some reason I believe it was a sort of end-of-year video from a european skydive club. There I first heard the song Sail by Awolnation (like that one). I really like the video and would love to see it again but can't find it anywhere. Tried the usual places like youtube, vimeo and google. Anyone seen the video and can point me to it?