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  1. After being frustrated with Monterey Bay Skydive (predominantly a tandem factory!) I decided to venture out into Hollister. My experience was like night and day. The staff actually gave me the impression that they wanted to be there. They answered all my questions and made me feel like I was welcomed. When I arrived and got manifested I was up in the King Air in less than 15 minutes! I finished my AFF levels 4 - 7 in Hollister in roughly 2 weeks. The views are amazing, you can actually see part of the Monterey bay on the ride up. The drop zone is huge. Great for AFF students. It was really the staff that made the place rock. Critter, Adam, Misty, Nate, Brian... they all made me feel welcomed and encouraged. From a business/weather/logistics/atmosphere standpoint Hollister is the place to jump in the central coast. Now I know why I got into skydiving!