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  1. I just finished a course where I had to write a twenty page research paper. My topic was a comparison of Deming's TQM vs. Six Sigma with the conclusion that Six Sigma is simply an extreme extension of one or two of Deming's 14 points and that TQM was a superior process management system when truly adopted and implemented. PM me if you want a copy of it. There are quite a few sources that I have listed in the bibliography if you would like to do some reading on either system.
  2. I did not get a log book after my tandems.
  3. Quite honestly, I just got some birthday money and it's burning a bit of a hole in my pocket. For Brettski, I've done two tandems and I should have clarified that I'm doing another this May and hope to begin AFF later this year. As far as the $25 is concerned, it may be cost-effective, but it is still a bit of a turn off to the customer. It's probably a good idea just to wait until I go to the DZ and see what they have available.
  4. Ok, So I was going to buy a logbook and cover from and it appears that they have a $25 order minimum. Since my logbook and cover did not come up to more than $25 I figured I might buy a good starter set of googles. My question is two part and I think I know the answer to the first one: 1.) If I am going to do a tandem this May will the DZ let me wear my own goggles? (My guess at the answer: Depends on the DZ and/or contact the DZ) 2.) Can anyone recommend a decent pair of goggles that will not break the bank. I realize that the second question is a bit subjective. However, I'm looking at anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 and I'll probably upgrade when possible. It does not necessarily have to be a pair that Para-Gear sells as I do not necessarily have to buy from para-gear. As a matter of fact I'm a bit turned off by the $25 minimum order limit.
  5. Cool. Hopefully they'll remember me this spring when we go out there. Since I had the same TM both times and I think he's the S&TA out there, I hope it's no big deal to have him fill out my log. I'd love to take a trip out to Start this Spring! My uncle is going to begin taking his helicopter pilot lessons out there this February and I was already planning on going out there a weekend or two with him anyway. Of course, all this is dependent on what's going on with my 3-year old and 6-week old and my work travel, and school schedule....I'm tired just typing all that. I'll drop you a PM with my contact info on it!
  6. Thanks for the great info! My birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I am going to buy myself a jump log as a birthday present to myself. On my first tandem, my TM had me do practice cord pulls on the way down and was going to let me pull the cord, but I was a little late reacting to his signal to pull at 4500 so he did it. On the second jump we did some basic flat spins, left and right and he then helped me locate the dropzone after the "disorienting maneuver". I didn't realize that there were tandem certificates. I'll have to ask when I get out there if I can get them retroactively for the two previous jumps. I currently live in the Lockland area across 75 from the GE facility. Where are you?
  7. Yeah, I have a downloaded copy on my work computer. I've read up through page 32 or so (just downloaded a couple days ago). I should probably go back over the first couple AFF jump skills and get an idea of what to be aware of. Thanks!
  8. That reminded me of something that is a little off topic for this forum. I'll ask it, but if I should move it to a different forum, someone tell me. Since I'm doing another tandem at Greensburg this spring (as you may recall from my OP, I already have a jump ticket), are there any skills, pointers, suggestions I can make to my tandem master. The "bad spot" part made me think about it. I guess in simple terms, what should I be trying to learn on this next jump that will benefit me in my AFF (wherever that may be).
  9. I'm probably the oddball out on this one, but that lemony, salty stuff that they wanted me to drink 2 quarts of in 8 oz. increments every 15 minutes was AWESOME! I really liked it. The following two hours was not so pleasant though. On the actual procedure, Versed is some amazing stuff. A true mind eraser. I asked the same questions over and over after waking up because I couldn't remember anything for more than about 3 minutes. The surgery following the colonoscopy a few weeks later was not so pleasant though. Anyway, glad everything went well!
  10. Thanks all for the info. I wouldn't say that my mind is completely made up yet, but it is nice to have so many options around here in relative proximity. Wishnstar, You had asked about students. Is there an age cut off? I'm an adult student (soon to be 31), going back for a degree. **Off to google Tri-State Dropouts **
  11. Quoted: But does it completely suck to do school and work at the same time??? In a word, yes. However, it is completely doable with some time management...which I am sorely lacking in. I am 30 with a wife, a 3-year old and a 3-week old. I work full time with an hour commute each way and do school full time (set to graduate in May of 2010!). Thankfully, the university is centered around adult learning and I do most of my courses via email and independent study. The unfortunate part of this is that one really needs strict time management skills to get through it. The other part is that I travel for my job and can get behind very easily. Honestly, the hardest part is trying to gear up to do school work after a day at work and an evening of children. Edited to add: Congratulations on the acceptance by the way. I'm sure you'll do great!
  12. Thanks Strato and Icon, I definitely plan on doing some research on the various DZs that have been mentioned here. Mostly through internet searches now and maybe a visit or two in the spring. Icon, Are you in or around the Cincinnati area since you spent much of this past year at Start? In general, I suppose that my OP is a bit off in that I shouldn't need to feel any DZ loyalty yet as I've only done two tandems. That and as I previously mentioned Greensburg, to me, seemed to treat tandems as just one and done, never to be seen from again. I will say though, that Phil Schmit out there is a really great guy and encouraged me to go through the AFF training after my second tandem. I think he's also the S&TA out there. Not sure where he spends his winters jumping.
  13. Great info PhreeZone. Thanks for the reply. I'm doing another tandem out at Greensburg this spring for two reasons. 1) I'm trying to organize a group of friends that have never jumped before to go out there. The last two times I went, I was supposed to go with a group, made the manifest reservation for a group and people backed out on me. I feel like I owe them a couple tandem jumpers. 2) I already have a tandem jump ticket that I bought on a discounted rate from my last jump. Once the weather breaks, and my semester slows down a little bit, I'm definitely going to go visit a couple of these drop zones. Obviously, most of you that have replied are already licensed, but does anyone know about the AFF trainers at the various drop zones? Does any one DZ have better trainers than the next or is the training effectively limited t othe capacity of the student?
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. I hadn't really considered that DZ. It's a little further out than Start Skydiving I think. Maybe I'll have to take a trip out to both places and see what feels right.
  15. Hey there. I've done two tandems so far out at Skydive Greensburg and I like the DZ. It doesn't seem very personable, but I was just a weight belt for a tandem master anyway so I don't expect too much. My question is, has anyone jumped at both Greensburg and at Start Skydiving in Lebanon and what are your feelings about both. I read the reviews from the Dropzone database because I am trying to figure out where I want to do my AFF. Start Skydiving is closer to me, but I also have "two jump loyalty" (soon to be three this May!) to Greensburg.