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  1. Back in the day was actually a Tuesday.
  2. Yeah there's nothing that says he can't skydive. I have learned to skydive and made all my jumps while in the Navy. Everyone in my commands knows I skydive as well.
  3. Anyone know of how I can locate a tonfly dealer? I've googled it and searched and haven't been able to come up with anything. I figure I can get somewhat of a cheaper deal from a dealer than straight off the website. Thanks!
  4. I spent a year in this area and spent almost every weekend at Skydive Palatka. Everyone is very friendly, the staff has plenty of AFF instructors, coaches, videographers, TMs. Awesome atmosphere. If you want to do big way RW's, there's always a crew there welcoming all experience levels. Same goes with freeflyers and they have a lot of wingsuiters. There is always a boogie coming up or some event. Definitely worth checking out!
  5. I know there was an update on the Monarch to help with the openings, a lip on the leading edge. Does anyone know when this update was added? Mine was manufactured on Feb95, was this before or after? I didn't really see anything when I looked. I researched past threads but didn't see anything. Thanks!
  6. If it were me, I would not go to the tunnel prior. Sure, it would probably help with your skills, but I feel like it would take away from the experience. The best part of AFF for me was jumping into the unknown, not knowing if I would be stable, or if I would do lots of flippies. Just my two cents.