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  1. We are up and running 7 days per week, As mentioned earlier we are helping out in Haiti with our plane tomorrow morning, but plan to jump in the afternoon. If anyone has any questions you can give us a call at 876-467-6626, or e-mail us at [email protected] or e-mail me directly at [email protected] Hope to see you all in Jamaica soon!
  2. Oh yea, No registration fee, and $23 jumps
  3. Come jump two of the coolest planes in Skydiving while supporting a great cause July 17-19, 2009. This year we will have a Pilatus Porter and the Deland Skyvan for the tandems for troops boogie. On airport camping available! We will have raffle prizes including tunnel time, skydiving gear, items from Miller Brewing and much more. All proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
  4. Let me know what wasnt working on it and we will get it fixed. I just tried it and didnt notice anything not working.
  5. One of our Instructors wrote a Spot calculator program, we tested it last season and it was spot on (pun intended) The calculator if free to use at the link below feel free to link it to your websites or mail to your friends. Big thanks to Bas Kuis for creating the program, please let me know if you have any issues with using it. KG
  6. Just sent a tandem main out for HMA lines know of a few DZs using them and happy with them, I will see how they work out on this canopy and go from there for the rest of them.
  7. Just added for the raffle: 2 tickets to Bruce Springsteen and 2 ticketsrs to the Foo Fighter.
  8. Skydive Midwest is hosting the 1st annual “Tandems for Troops” Boogie this weekend July 12&13. We will be giving away free Skydives to 10 disabled Veterans and raising money to benefit disabled vets and their families. There will be SUPER OTTER skydives, RW Organizing, Food, Music, and a fundraising raffle. Raffle prizes include free jump packages and much more. Rock Radio station 95.1 WIL Rock will be broadcasting live Saturday from noon – 2:00 We will have the Super Otter from Wednesday 7/9 – until Sunday the 13th, when our King Air takes over again. Come jump the Super Otter and support a worthy cause.
  9. I think the site came back up right after I posted. Thanks KG
  10. Anyone know what happened to thier website? Been trying to buy a copy for 3 days....
  11. Thanks, I will look him up
  12. Anyone aware of a Sr rigger course in late march / early April, I need to get one done but wont be in the US until the end of March. Thanks