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  1. I have tested the CX100 together with cameye II trough a lanc adapter, at it works perfect, but only when the "turn on by lcd" is disable.
    Have read it somewhere i this thread that it would not work.
    I know that the cameye don´t show the error codes for low bat/mem, but don´t see much problem in that.

  2. Now i have tested the underwater housing (HCB), and for me it looks like the solution is to stop the burble form getting in.

    Jumped this monster box 2 times, but at the first jump, something hit the start/stop button on the HCB, so nothing:(.

    It was a protec helmet with a camera mount, and the box was tightend in the bottom with the screw and velcro around.The CX6 was fastened in the box with a modified original camera plate(HCB not compatible with CX6), and it could shake a bit.

    The result is not the best, but far better than normal (homemade box), and with steadyshot turned ON, the rest of the shake maybe disappear with steadyshot turned OFF. Don´t had the time to test that.

    Yes my head-up is not the best:$

    I like to hear what you think.

    Now I need to make a 1 to 1 mould of my camera, to make a perfect fit airtight glass fiber box, any ideas to do that?[:/]

  3. Hi

    Have anyone tried to jump with a CX7 in a underwater housing???.

    I will try to se what happens with the video, when i put my CX6 in my SPK-HCB. It is big, but i think it can be done.

    If it works i will try to make a new airtight box, because i'm not happy with the idea of opening my camera, and glue/lock the optics:|

  4. Hi

    Sorry for the long delay. but finally got the time to make a diagram, hope that helpsB|.

    I have now almost 100 jumps with this "adapter".

    Cameye 2 do not work with the battery and low"tape" alarm codes from the CX6-7, but that´s not a problem for me so far.

  5. Quote

    Check it under a scope. The camera sends out 5.6v to power the controller. The "lanc" signal however runs at 2.5v on the underwater housing and I would assume the sony controller. The cameye physically drives this line to 5v and it appears the camera clamps it down to 4.5v. Lets hope it doesn't blow up that port and screw up your camera.

    On Sony cameras with both the lanc and av connector there is a physical connection between the lanc pin on both ports. So i belive it is the same input on the caneras with only the AV port.

  6. Quote


    That shouldn't be a too big of a problem?

    Who's going to start the "CX-7 with open LCD is killing my battery" thread? It looks like that will be the problem.

    As far as that new camera, even before I heard the screen needs to be out to record, I was concerned about the battery life. It appears to have an enclosed battery, which usually means it's tiny, and there's no upgrade to a larger size.

    On the contrary, the smaller batteries are even easier to carry in your jumpsuit pocket, so maybe we have a winner. Just judging by the size, that thing has to be a featherweight, and it's shooting HD footage to boot.

    The open LCD was only to show that it works, no problem with closed LCD

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    Hi DSE

    Here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whSQfasjeBQ

    I have som video quality problems when freeflying, but will post video later.


    MAn, you should not have given your secrets away:P I dont know about patent laws but i am guessing you may have been able to patent it. Now you just told everyone how simple it is.

    Congrats on getting it done and good on ya for telling the family how to go about it. Might of just missed your million dollar payday though:P

    I don´t think i´m able to get a patent on a Sony patent plug[:/]

    Just glad to help the family :)

  8. Quote

    How certain are you that all the various camcorders using the D link are protected against the higher voltage?

    Not sure what you mean, when you do the mood, the camera itself sends out the higher voltage to drive the lanc equipment. The underwater housings(SPK-HCB/HCC) and the RM-AV2 works the same way.

  9. Don´t use a 100ohm it will draw to much current.
    The right one is 100 kohm.

    My friend doesn't understand electronics

    I don't have blueprints, but post-it´s;)
    Will try to make some macro pictures of the bare plug

  10. Quote

    Thanks for the info man! This is very impressive.
    We would have thought the LANC (like the CamEye) and that new Sony remote through the AV port were two totally different protocols. I would never even think about it the solution is just that simple, to splice an AV plug onto a LANC device (CamEye).
    I modified the Sony AV remote to make it "skydiver friendly" which is a real pain in a butt. But this solution is very simple.
    Thanks again!

    Hi Laszlo

    On your RM-AV2 there is for sure(not have it myself) 4 wire out to the AV plug. If you have the remote unplugged and set your multimeter to Kohm, there should be around 100 Kohm between GND and one of the 3 other wires (blue?). The solution is to find a 100Kohm resistor, and put that in between the wires when you make your adapter.
    The camcorder now accept lanc B|

  11. HI

    The CX6/7 works with cameye II :)I have made a adaptor from 2,5mm jack to the AV jack. All functions, accept the alarm for less tape works. Have not tested the low batt. alarm yet (2 month:$), but i´m sure it works.

    The av connector comes from a SPK-HCB underwater housing, and it´s in 90 angleB|.

    I have some cheap chinese av cables that i´m trying to make the adaptor from, but have to make the 90 angle plug myself, maybe with polyester.

    If i find a solution i maybe going to produce and sell them if required :)