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  1. I like Ian quite a lot, .. very sad news
  2. 3 hours up, 3 hours home ... $140 gas. Mind you, my yougest is getting older and staying the weekend may not be an issue as it once was. But, I sure watch the weather more closely .. can't afford to make the trip not to jump due to rain etc.
  3. I did it, but I had great people at the DZ who watched out for the kids when I was up in the plane. Over time however, they needed shoes and such .. which is how my time off skydiving came about, couldn't afford both. They're pretty much grown now and so I'm back!!
  4. These are the only two I've jumped at in Alberta, Dids has a pretty good "club" feel to it but doesn't have the facilitys that Beiseker has, still, has everything you need and is a popular spot. Beiseker has a more formal feel to it as they host the British Army for part of their Adventure Training program. With that, they have facilitys such as rooms, food (sometimes available to the public) two airplanes, paved runway etc. A lot of new staff this year, Annelise is still there!! very good thing!! Still, it's the closest to Medicine Hat even though I like Hutch over at Didsbury, it's a time/costs thing. .
  5. That may be the price at many places south of the border, but expect to pay a little more in Canada - the OP was asking about Alberta. In Canada, I'd expect to pay around $35 per jump ticket as a licensed skydiver with my own gear. Where in Alberta are you? I personally know the folks at Eden North and have done a bunch of jumps there during some time out west. Eden North is a great dropzone and they now have a Caravan for the summer, which IMHO makes it even better, but depending on where you are in Alberta, there may be more convenient places for you to go. im in medicine hat its in the south east From the Hat, Bieseker is the closest DZ .. then Didsbury and Innisfail. To the East, is Moose Jaw. I jump at Bieseker, it's where I started and has just grown on me, besides, it's the closest DZ to me. I drive up from Medicine Hat almost every weekend (long drive) .
  6. 3, two have tandems and 1st jump school the youngest is hoping for her tandem this year ... and 2 grandkids
  7. Nah you can tie 'em back up, they'll just be a bit shorter. Just don't use a slip knot though :) that bites!!
  8. 3 hrs up and 3 hrs back, .. sometimes daily, yeah you get up early.
  9. Ski hills don't shut down either, I've seen where they try to keep the news rather quiet.
  10. There was a fatality on the day of my first jump where they shut down the DZ, everyone was offered a full refund and many left for the day and I suppose some for good. They asked me what I wanted to do. For myself, I knew if I left I would not go back, and so I decided to stay and see if they would jump or not. Later that evening when all had settled down they sent my load up along with a group of experienced jumpers .. I'm glad I stayed now even though I felt pretty bad about the events that day. I got my first two jumps in and continued the next day.
  11. They don't call it cloud where i jump, they call it industrial hase ... officialy it's frowned upon here.
  12. Pie!!! Congrats on your 100th They waited for 2 weeks after my 100th and until I thought I had got away without it ... I was completely blindsided not expecting pie up my nose.
  13. Flying into a chairlift, I think the lift would win.