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  1. you could solve everything by just posting the vid thats all i want to see. pictures are a thousand words
  2. i guess my parents knew something i didn't know because when it told my parents they told me "how are u going to afford doing those sky jumping classes you still owe me this months rent" a couple of credit cards later and here i am. if it hurts your still alive!!
  3. its no use just give up there is never going to be a win win answer here and the best loser is us, the lazy white americans lets just do what they all did and run for the boarder... of canada. at least they have free health care if it hurts your still alive!!
  4. Women already rule the world. They have this thing called a pussy. And the are quite devious. great statement regardless of how much we as men want to stake claim to being in power or doing something for spite we all know deep inside it was brought apon by a womans unending nag. look at bill clitions whole term of office. if it hurts your still alive!!
  5. My thoughts on the whole deal weren't the teens doing the packing but the younger ones. i guess since i haven't seen it done i don't know how well a 7 or 8 year old could pack do to there short stature(especially with the larger canopys). but you all are right as long as the lines are straight and fabric is on the out side for the most part, hell jump it. it must just be that im still new and i enjoy packing but i could see how it gets old after a while and when it dose ill just have to drag some neighborhood kid down to the DZ to pack for me. cant wait if it hurts your still alive!!
  6. I've heard this being done a couple of times now, i took it as a joke the first time but questioned when i heard it being done again. Are there people out there really having there kids packing for them? and what are the benefits if your not jumping two riggs? Now i don't want this turned into an argument over legality of the situation, just if people would or would not jump it. lets try to keep it to only that if it hurts your still alive!!
  7. another weekend went bye and i talked to some poeple about this question and what im geting is; i should just continue jumping and having fun and once i get know for my skills wether it be ff or canopy work or what ever else i find myself doing. then i should persue that aspect.and i think alot of u are trying to express the same fealing. i have to find out what i would be good at ( if im gona be good at somthing)and people in this sport tend to notice talent (one benefit of a small sport) and only then will an opertunity present its self. and your right working phisicaly in the sport is not the only way i could be conected as a job there are many other aspects that i could possibly take up. thanx for all the advice it realy helped. if it hurts your still alive!!
  8. This question gose out to all the hard working DZ employees out there. I now im verry new to the sport but i want to make it my life. im wanting to start working at a DZ probably as a packer to start, and plan on having no less then 200 jumps by years end. So in a few more months i could start coaching and later camera flying. the biggest thing that makes me want to persure this career is that it could be done all around the world, and i have many planes on travling in the not so distant future. I dont need mutch too live by just my rig maby some camera gear and a place to crash. im a verry fast learner picking up on new things each weekend. but is it somthing thats possible? I was just woundering how you guys got started in your work? Was it just jumping every weekend and was asked into coach jumps or flying camera slots? when did you decide to make it full time? or how many of u just work on the weekends. any and all info would help me out. if it hurts your still alive!!
  9. If you dont know already then u might want to know that ALL of San Diego is up in flames. I live only minuts away for my home town DZ and although i have been spared at the moment SKYDIVESANDIEGO might be in the path of distruction. for any one familiar with the area a fire started in tacate and made its way west tward otay lakes. from the info i could gather the fire might have burned right thought the DZ. with the parking lot and the landing area it should have a good fire break plust fires burned right though ther in 2004 so im hoping it was not hurt my hopes are high and my thought go out to all the jumpers who were staying there. i also want too take the time to send out my thoughts to the rest of sandiego almost 600,000 evacueis this fire is serious and in no means of control and its burning from all directions hundreds of homes lost along with a few i know personaly Im at a loss of words sry... if it hurts your still alive!!