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  1. Hey you know what that was 1984 for sure, I didn't have a beard in 82. But in 1982 we did put together a perfect 20 plane and quickly at that. I remember how hard the selection was for that. we also had to get the night stacks in. We put all nine of our guys up so we could rotate and always have eight in. We missed the DZ by 5 miles. Thank god Oklahoma is flat I think we walked more in that state than anywhere we ever went. If you know Vince Bizzaro (not sure if the spelling is right). could you make sure he knows about Steve. Tbdavis1
  2. Hey Russ, It has been a long time, Steve was an intimidating guy but he really never was a violent guy but at his size he didn't really have to be most sane people would walk away. Sorry to hear about Bear, I remember when I was down in Parris in 82 and did some CRW we built some 11 planes heck you were probably on the load. I wasn't real good at keeping a log book with names and such you always think about that stuff later. Doug S kept me up on all the CRW stuff as I see him every couple months. So how is Terry Parsons doing still jumping? Well I have to go and Do Xmas keep in touch, I realize now how important it is, its been years since I have seen some of my Eclipse team members But I'm sure I'll see them Saturday at the Memorial. Blue Skies. Tbdavis1
  3. After a long battle with a liver disease Steve went on his journey to the next level. I will always remember Steve as the driving force for me to continue our pursuit of being the world champions of CRW when it was in its infancy. Although we never quite got there we did win the US nationals in 4 way rotation and 3 times in the 8 way speed as the Eclipse parachute team 1982 to 1986. When Steve had a project in work he did what ever it took to get it done, he was actually about three weeks away from completing his snowmobile camp in Idaho that he and his business partner were building and he planned to quit work and operate the camp year round. There several of his close Friends from the skydiving community and his work at his side during his passing. Blue Sky's Steve and I will see you again. Tbdavis1
  4. Deb, sorry I didn't connect with you directly, I saw some of your posts when I first found this site after the news about the caravan was released but I really wasn't sure how to navagate through it (I am computer challenged). I haven't made a jump since our Eclipse reuinion dives back in 1996 during the diamond quest thing but when I heard that a kapowsin plane was missing I had the worst flashback and I think fear that I would know most of the people (Farringtons and friends) and the to hear they are from Snohomish and all so young kind of like all of us in the day at Issaquah I just surfed until I found what I thought would be a site that would understand how we feel. Wow on a different note this is the 20th year since Jamey lost the battle and Issaquah closed I can't believe there is not a recognition or something. Also I am still married to Pat its our 25th this year!!! hope to hear from ya soon. Tbdavis1
  5. We all would like to know what happened but I really think with the way it happened we will never know for sure. 1 pilot and what seems to me to be to high with no oxygen so hypoxia could have played a part. Then loss of control. Maybe a little vertigo and that was it.Quote Tbdavis1
  6. We are still out there, we need another reunion. And what about, Take no chances, Make no craters, Have no fun!!! Tbdavis1
  7. I know this is way after your post but I was on the Loadstar (learstar) that went in 8/21/1983 and when I let go and spun around to look at the plane it was nose up far more than that. Luckily for me I was a more experienced at CRW (Eclipse and Considerable Difficulty 1980-1886 3 time national champs) than free fall so I was front floater in the base. After the first 10 or so exited things went crazy and the plane flipped and began a flat spin at that moment time seemed to slow way down and it appeared that I was watching a movie in slow motion as it seemed to just waffle and fall past me with little horizontal separation from me and I could see people exiting from around the the aft end of the plane. Then everything went back to real time (it was 23 sec. stall at 12.5 impact) and I cleared my self and dumped. During opening I could see the fireball at impact and under canopy I heard it. I quickly counted open parachutes and I knew we were missing 9. This may sound selfish but I instantly looked for my CRW teammate's canopies to see if they got out, they had. Then I noticed one that had exploded on opening. Not a team member but a childhood Friend who I made my first jump with a lived with while we learned to skydive. He had struck part of the empennage on exit and that is what deployed his canopy some estimates were 250-300 mph at opening he did not survive. I lost 9 family that day I think about them often. That was the first day and last day I ever set foot in a loadstar and when the news flashed last weekend about the caravan that Jeff and Jessie owned my heart just stopped, we are a small community and most people don't understand the bond we have whether we know each other personally or not I made very few jumps in my career at Snohomish but my thoughts go out to each and everyone of those skydivers and and their families. I hope I haven't bored you with my rambling but this last week has made me appreciate the fact that I am still here and maybe shouldn't be. Tbdavis1
  8. I know your post was a year ago but I,m new to this site but Ive been around the community. Scotty Carbone?, I meet a dude down in Z hills durring the 1st world meet of CRW 1980, I think the DZ owner was named Hooper and he was not a fan of Scottys. Not being from the east coast and only having 200 jumps or so and in our first competion I didn't know anything and we partied with Scotty we all decided to go to the crystal springs for a swim and on the way back we stopped at a local bar had a few and he told us of scuba gear jumps and what ever else (after all who cares he is a SKYGOD) the guy had some stories, on the way back to the DZ we stopped at KFC for some chicken after Scottie ate the leg to the bone he decieded that he would show us his body piercings and you would not believe where he went with that bone. It was way more than I ever wanted to know. We recovered and took the bronze in 4 way rotation but who knows, without that shock at such a young age one will never know. The guy made an impression!!! Tbdavis1
  9. I think you are thinking of Bill Jeswine. Tbdavis1
  10. I made many jumps from this plane in Issaquah when Jamie Wooward bought it and brought it back to DZ. I guess it was there in the early 70's and Jamie brought it back for because he jumped it when he was an up an coming skydiver. It was always refered to as a 1931 Curtiss Wright Air Sedan and we put 8 until the FAA said no more than 6 due to the weight (unless we had girls on the load). We used it for our CRW team jumps and record attemps until the weight issue, we had some big guys on that team. Tbdavis1