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  1. Cutaway01

    Tandem baglock

    Has anyone ever seen a tandem baglock. If so can you tell me how far it traveled after being cutaway and the aprox speed of the wind that day. Any info would be helpful Thanks
  2. Cutaway01

    Cutaway Recovery talk

    I will be doing a Cutaway Recovery talk during thanksgiving here at Skydive City in Zephyrhills if anyone is intrested. I will cover everything you need to know to recover your main or freebag in all kinds of conditions.
  3. Cutaway01

    Tandom baglock

    Has anyone seen a tandom baglock I need to know how far it went after being cutaway and what the wind speed was the day it was cutaway. I am trying to get some info on locating tandom baglocks any info would be helpful. Thanks Robert
  4. Cutaway01

    Tandom baglock

    Has anyone seen a baglock on a tandom I need to know what alt it was cutaway and aprox how far it went. and the wind that day if anyone can answer this for me it would be a great help. Thanks