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  1. Any possibility to take a pic of it? About to by GoPro. I do love my Z1 and really would like to keep it. Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  2. cefey


    Its a small skydiving club, non-commercial, driven by people who is jumping there. That the reason for very cheap prices. They charge only to make club go around and not to earn money. The club-house is right next to Molde Airport, which they use for jumping. On weekends there only 2-4 planes a day, that use it, so they have whole airport for them self. HUGE landing area (about 1.5 km long and 500m wide), impossible to miss. People are super friendly and nice, trying to do their utmost best to make you feel welcome and home from the minuet you get there. Most of them jump RW (FS), but you can find someone to join you for FF, wing-suit or tracking jump. You find people of all level of experience, so there will be always someone to join you. As well, if you pay a bit extra, they can fly you and drop off close to The TrollWall. SuperB experience! Just a must to try! After jumping, there is a good chance to take a beer or two, join people for diner and a night out at Molde to make your experience complete! As well, there is tons of places to BASE jump and many experienced people, who will help you. If you are somewhere close and want to have amazing jump, that the right place!
  3. I agree with last post. Start with less then 90*. And start higher. Start even at 300feet, then at 200, 150, 100, 75, and after couple jumps you doing it at 50feet. Just take it easy and slow., Most important that you feel you self safty enought to do it Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  4. I have only few jumps on springo. As I remember, i had yo flare realy quick. But find some videos in internet of landings with springo, or even better take a canopy curse, cause you should be able to find out this kind of stuff on your own, otherwise this canopy may be too danger for you, IMO. Pilot, sabre2, safire2 is awesome canopys btw! Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  5. Im live in Europe, and my dealer get canopy from USA. I cant complane about this one! Amazing canopy! i think they are the same quality... Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  6. Learn to use harnes. As lond as you use harnes correctly, you dont need to pull brakes or anything else. I jumped some om them with 1.2 in wongload, and in swoops realy well! As lond as you use harnes:) Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  7. I dont see anything wrong with doing double front on that point. Just remember to let them go before you get to te ground. Take a realy good time, and learn how canopy recover in different speed and wind cond. Use 50-100 jumps for it, before you start on 45*. When you learn 45* realy well, go for 90* and so on. But take your time to learn before starting on turns/longer turns. Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  8. Well, for sure new more modern gear is a lot safyer, more comfy and much better. What you will go for, a bmw from 1980 or brand new bmw? Is exatly the same in skydiving... Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  9. I had a Safire2, and psycho packed it. Worked realy greate. But its a recomendet packing method by Icarus. Also tryid psychopack triathlon and Sabre 1, work realy greate. When I pshychopacked Spectre, owner said its streamd too long time. Also tryid psychopack on crossfire2 99, and i didnt work realy well... got 1 twist, but I dont wanna try it more:) Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  10. First of all, [email protected] is maybe to low wingload. By changing a canopy to Springo or something in that class, you can get much more out of it. For the second, try Crossfire2. Sorry for litle offpost:) Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  11. !.3 with 200 jumps is fine wingload. But you should look back on you last 100 jumps, and ask you self how well it worked out. If you had any kind of problem landing Safire2, you should maybe thing of upsize. Or just to get you self together, and start acting like it your first ride on that canopy. But for thats questions you have instructors, ask them. They see how you fly and land. Course can also help you. Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  12. I will recomend you to test a Safire2. I was very sure to go for a Sabre2, before I got one ride on Safire2. But anyway. I dont think you need less wingload then 1.-1,1, but you have consider how high your dropzone is, wind conditions, how careful you are on turns, espesialy low turns (I never turn lower then 200 foot, unless I practise flatturns) how good you on flare. How can you land in downwind, crosswind, tyrbulens, and stuff like that. Ask you instructor, people who see how you fly. They can tell you much better what you need. Ask you self how careful and good you are with canopy. And be very very hard on you self with ansver! From 1 till 10. If you get 9 or 10, you can load 1.2 with no problem. if you get 7-8, go for 1.1, 5-6 under 1. If you get 1-2-3 you should considering to giveup skydiving:) Also, if you can feel differents (opening, flying, glide ratio, respons on toggles, flare) on chutes after jump 1-2 times with it, from another simular one, you are good. If not, dont wingload it more then 1.1 But speak with your instructors, and get a ride on Safire2. Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  13. I have tryid different Crossfire, wingloaded from 1.3 till 1.6, and I think its perform much better on higher windload. It was no problem to fly it on 1.3, but it respons better (not only quicker, but better), I find it easyer to flare perfect on straight forward fly (with no front risers). So imho, its for a reason why Icarus recommend to load it at 1.4-2.1. And since you brought ferrari in hear. Take a testarosa, and drive in small roads with lot of turns, in around 150km/h. I promise you, you will love it! And now go to nearest small town, with small roads as well, and drive there, try to "side park" between 2 cars, turn around maybe... You know what you find out? Its a lot better with a ford focus for that! Velo dont made to be loaded at 1.3, it will fly, but a sabre loaded at 1.3 will do it lot better. Don you agree? Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  14. Be sure you know ur chute really well, and its no crosswind. I tryid ground lanuching last winter with Safire2 169. On first attempt I didnt managed to get my canopy up till allmost i was down, and ended with skiing with my chute upon me:) On second I had amazing fly, most fun I ever had under the canopy. On the last attempt I got some nasty crosswind, my chute got to the side, twisted couple times and started dragging me to the side. I waited till I allmost got to the trees and cutaway. So I didnt hurt me at all, and my chute was totally find. But it was on the snow... I hope it can help you in someway. Just be careful man! Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  15. cefey


    Really great thing! Yes, it maybe a bit more expansive then other altimeters, but you get lot more then you pay for. For the first its very great accuracy, since its digital. But since it have a analog display, so it very easy to read. It have a clear and great display. Also I like very nice background light. Very great for night jumping! Also its have a logbook with lot of data. Exit alti, deploy alti, max/min/avg speed, ff time and much more! Only thing I dont like is that I have to buy very expensive software to get my logs over to PC. Otherwise Im super happy with it and highly recomend it for everyone! Cannot enter negative DZ offset
  16. cefey


    Really great audiable. I have alti-track, so I dont need a logbook in my audiable. Its pips when it have to pip, and sound clearly and loud! Only I don't like is that I can make it bips under canopy with no problem. A 180 on my Safire2 169 was enough. Otherwise its very great product! Highly recommended!
  17. I bought a brand new Odyssey J3K. Very greate and comfy rig! You dont feel it in plane or in free fall. Only problem I had is on sit, but it was no big deal, just i could be a bit better:) I had it only 4 month, but never had any kind of problem during that time. Its looks really great, I got lot of support and help while I was ordering. So I cant do anything else then recommend that rig! However I ordered G4 now. Just wanted to try something new. But I strongly recommend Odyssey as well!
  18. To safety fly a velocity, you need to jump around 300jumps a year. If you had a brake from jumping for some years, DONT BUY velocity! It would be as to give it to a student. Or even worse, bacause u will chalange it (what student wouldnt do). Buy you a katana, or crossfire. Or even better Safire2 or Sabre2 for 100 jumps. first. If you want something between stiletto and velocity, take a look at neos. It hybrid (some cells are xbraced). But downsize and buy mor HP after a brake is kinda suicide... dont do it... Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  19. Hi! I had the same problem 6 month ago. I did alot of research and reading, chatting, mailing. And that is what i got: I didnt care of price at all. I bought what i thought was best. I looked for comfort and safety. My main chute is Safire2 169, wingloaded 1.2. Awesome canopy. suuuper sweety opening. Very smooth flying. Fun to fly when you learn how to fly it (took me aroun 70 jumps). Endeles with flare. Only thing neg. is that its too havy on front risers. Otherwise its ultimate canopy (I jumped many others: Safire1,2, Sabre1,2, spectre, PD, navigator, crossfire, electra, triathlon, springo and some others). safire2 is simply the best! (crossfire is n2:) For my rig I bought Javelin. Realy comfy and greate rig. I was thinking about mirage as well, but they are not thats comfy (imho). I got RW suit from merling suits. Looking awesome, fits realy well. Work very well for me in air. I have Z1 helmet from parasport. Fits ok, i was expecting more tbh, but its work ok for me. Maybe i had too big expectaisions. I have solo as audiable. And alti-track as altimeter. I very very happy with that. just awesome!!! And I got cypres2 and PD-reserve. I strongest recomend to you Safire2, cypres2, alti-track and rw-suit from Merlins. I cant say enought how happy im with this items. Now after I put 100 jumps on my rig, I selling it, loosing aroun 700$. I think it not soo bad. I go now for a Crossfire2 129. PD-optoma as reserve and I think Im going to buy Javelin again. (I want mirage, but Javelin is way to comfy). Other items Im going to buy now is Optima or NeoXS for swooping help. M1 cookie helmet, and FF suit from ourgains. And wingsuit, but I not sure withc one. I hope it helps you to choose you equipment! If you have any questions, PM and I can tell you more! Blue skies Blue skys and soft landings to all!
  20. Try psycho-pack, from Icarus website. It work very well for me. But I pack pro-pack as well. I had only 2 hard openings. 1 of them I was trying some thinks with slider:/ I have jumped around 20 different canopies, and nothing can match sweeeet openings of my Safire2 169... Blue skys and soft landings to all!
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    Safire 2

    At first I was going for the Sabre2, but after only 1 jump on Safire2 I felt in love with this chute. Now I have put around 50 jumps on my Safire2 169, with wingload about 1.2 I have tested Sabre1, Sabre2, Silhouette, Spectre, Navigator and PD (in different sizes), so I compare with all this chutes. First of all, is softest and nicest opening ever. They are soooo great, I done gonna give them up for nothing! Even after crappy pack, they are always nice. Some people say they take lot of alti, but with me its take around 400-800fot, its not THAT much. I tried lot of different way to pack it, and had some twin opening, and some spin. But they are all way on head, and never twin and spin. But to avoid it, just follow canopy, be with it on openings, and they´ll be great. Compared to other chutes, sabre2 comes clothes to openings, but not the same at all. And sabre1 had very hard and awful opening. Now over to flying. It´s main reason why I decided to go for Safire2 instead of Sabre2. Safire flyers lot easier then sabre. Its much more nicer and comfy. In turns it need more input to swing fast. But if you push toggles really down, its turns really fast. Only thing I liked better with Sabre2, is that its much easier in front risers. Specter turns lot faster, but you almost don't have chance to turn slow with it. And you loose lot of alti with it. And now, flare. Its endless. One time I came down in front risers with good speed, and there was snow-ice-drift. I flared almost everything, got 2 meters up, and 5 forward, flared a bit more and had super soft landing. As long as you flare in time, you´ll have super soft landings. Sabre 2 is also great in flare, kinda as good as Safire. Specter is with my wingload is with perfect flare is super soft to, but if you flare bit to early or bit to late, you will get a bit harder landing. And I dint like silhouette, in compare with Safire, it had no flare at all. I recommend this chute to everyone, no mater how many jumps you have, because its sooooo much in this chute. If you want super soft openings, endeless flare. This one is for you. Sabre is a bit faster in turns, but if you give a bit more input, I bet you go at least as fast as sabre! Super chute, thanks Icarus! (when I was buying equipment, I was searching for the best thing, so you can read my reviews on merlin rw suite, Z1 helmet, solo, alti-track and javelin odyssey) Blue skies!