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  1. -Why do you jump out out a perfectly good airplane? -I once had to endure our pilot's landing and that was some scarry shit, I'm never doing that again! -Why do you jump out out a perfectly good airplane? -I love taking off in an airplane but I'm scared senseless about landing in one!
  2. Something similar happened at our dropzone, a tandem pax asked one of the other skydivers what happens if you get clouds caught in your chute and the skydiver looked at him, not even smiling and said: clouds in your canapy is a malfunction and then we cut our main and deploy our reserve. The rest of us pretty much died from laughter! Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  3. If you repeat a lie enough times it will turn into the truth, at least to the one that tells them, you can actually try it yourself, with a small experiment, make up a small lie about something, and then repeat it many times over a long time period and you will start to believe it really happened, isn't the human mind incredible Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  4. Isn't this a good response: - No, some idiot pushed me! (just to see their expressions) Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  5. Really cool and welcome to this great sport (even though over here it's below freezing all the time and we probably won't be jumping until March again... bummer hehe) Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  6. Way cool!!! Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  7. Hi Tony! :) Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  8. That is so cool! And this is a great sport and as someone said, "you just had a near life experience" and that's a pretty good way to sum up the experience :D Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  9. Hi Minna! That is an amazing story and an amazing journey you are beginning and really happy to see you going up into that big blue thing we call a sky
  10. Man I recognize that from myself and I too have a ton of hobbies and as a matter of fact I love them all but don't have the time or energy to do them all at once so I go from one to another and that's pretty much fine by me (I actually played the guitar again yesterday and that's been a couple of months ago) It's ok to shift perspectives no and then! :) Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  11. Hi Kelly! Cool to have you here with us Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  12. A jumpmaster I had told me that the most important thing in every jump is to have fun and that smile does help me at least to overcome the stress that comes with jumping out of an airplane. Strangely enogh I think that the fact that I was so scared during my training jumps helped me to overcome my fears. On jump # 13 my reserve deployed in the plane, the jumpmaster was really calm and sorted it out but when I got home that night I just sat on my bed crying with the realization that I could have died, I wished the jumpmaster had called me that evening but he didn't. We sometimes forget that this fear thing is complicated, there are delayed responses to the stimuli, a lot of the time people will act a lot more cool than they are, usually because: "hey everyone here seems cool and unafraid but I'm afraid, i.e. there must be something wrong with me" but of course we are all pretty much scared seneseless sometimes. As to what I do, I force myself to look out and down when the door opens, I keep my helmet on the entire way up to altitude simply because it insulates me from a lot of the noices. I'll stay in my small bubble a while, focusing on my breathing and my exit, I found that having a plan for how I'm going to exit the plane helped me out a lot. I also try to look out and look at the scenery and say to myself: "man that is so beautiful!" Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  13. Really cool vid!!! (Man suddenly my youtube vid looks really geeky!!! ) Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  14. Hi Paul! Cool to have you here! Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson
  15. Yeah it's total freedom from all the problems we might encounter! Just go out and a have a great time! BLUE SKIES!!! Blue skies! Anders Samuelsson