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Gear Reviews posted by dancy

  1. It fits well into my helmet. Easy to use and loud enough but not too loud. I expected a more terrifying sound on my first jump. At the end of a jump-day I switch it off so I hope the battery will last. Very good product for a reasonable price. I like my Solo very much.

  2. I bought my Factory Diver this year and started to "jump" it in an airpipe. The temperature was pretty low and people with half-shell helmets complained but my full-face helmet kept my nose warm :)
    Since that I use it for every type of jump. In freefall it gives good vision, reduces noise and I found it very comfortable. My Solo audible fits into its small pocket just perfectly.
    The only disadvantage is that the original visor I bought it with cracked when I first tried to fasten it into its place. I think it happens because the lens is not shaped to fit the helmet, it's just a more or less flexible piece of plexi. So I bought a new one and asked my rigger to put it in. I don't remove it but I try to keep it clean. It is worth to use a helmet bag and be careful not to touch the visor with your fingers. After 40 jumps it still looks like I'd put only 2-3 jumps in it.
    I use it even for accuracy because I find it safer than a leather hat.
    All in all Factory Diver is a good choice.

  3. I jumped this type of canopy a couple of times. The openings were a little hard but on-heading. Once I had a line-over on it which I managed to clear. One of the cells on the top tore however (huge hole, that couldn't be seen from under the canopy) but the canopy was stable and put me very softly on the ground. My wing loading is 1.1.
    Very good, forgiving student canopy especially if packed carefully... :-)

  4. This 190 Super-Seven is my first own canopy and I've put only a couple of jumps in it. Openings are ideal, very nice, soft and always on-heading, but never too slow. The canopy is responsive to toggle input and stable in turbulence. I find it really easy to fly. A collapsible pilot chute added a lot to the pleasure.
    My wing loading is 1.1.
    Very good beginner canopy.