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  1. I did my first dive here and needless to say i was kind of nervous. I walked in not knowing what to expect and instantly i had people high fiving me on my first dive and instucting me on everything from emergency procedure to proper body position. I felt so comfortable and trusting with my trainers i felt very little nerves at the door 13,000 feet up. My dive went great and ill never forget it. From that moment i was hooked forever. Perhaps the best example of the people out at taft is an exerience my friend had on his AFF 4 dive. his dive went bad and both his instructors nearly went in pulling his chute for him. They barely knew this guy and they risked their lives for him. Point is. You arrive a stranger but as soon as your at the door your family. I'll dive many places for new experiences but taft will always be my home.