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  1. Todd - We will all miss your energy and your smiles. Rest in peace brother. -Spencer
  2. Nick was a childhood friend of mine, fellow Boy Scout, and high school classmate. It was only after his death that I learned of his skydiving passion. I wish I could have jumped with him at least once, but he will be in my heart on every jump I make in the future. In 2003 Nick applied and was accepted to West Point military academy, after failing acceptance into the Naval Academy in Arlington, VA due to mild colorblindness . While there, he discovered a passion for skydiving and joined an elite skydiving team (the Black Knights) that took only 10 members from each class at the academy. His final year at West Point he was the cadet in charge of the parachute team. His parents saw one of his 1,000-plus jumps when they went to West Point to see a football game and watched him land on the field, and another notable jump landed him on the field at Shea Stadium. He also trained and jumped with the Golden Knights, the Army’s elite parachute team. He also took up BASE jumping. His parents were more concerned about the danger of BASE jumping than they were about his military duties. Nick also garnished numerous awards in competition. 2002 National Skydiving Championships 2nd Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Overall (Intermediate Division) 2003 Collegiate Championships 3rd in Style (Novice Division) 2004 Collegiate Chapi8onships 3rd in Team Accuracy 1st in Freefall Style (intermediate Division) 2005 Lew Stanbord Accuracy Meet 2nd Overall (Intermediate Division) and as far as I knew, his home DZ was either jumping at West Point, or with the screaming Eagles at Fort Campbell, KY.