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  1. Beautiful desert views, friendly staff, air conditioned packing, party atmosphere at green light, a great HOME feeling you can only get at a small DZ. For those that know of Andy Whitcomb, I don't have to explain. He is applying his attitude and vision as much to Skydive Imperial as he did in San Diego when he turned that place around. He knows how to make experienced jumpers feel welcome, and provide facilities that will entice you back over and over. If you like a DZ that feels like the intimate fraternity Skydiving should be, this is the place! The facilities are still a bit rough in its first 6 months of operation, but you will find everything you need, and new improvements every time you visit. Remember, "it's a DRY heat!"
  2. "Refreshes the Angry Hobbit Other Beers Cannot Reach." it's perfect. i think it must be a MOOSEHEAD ad! the angry hobbit
  3. apley

    Hey SoCal!!!

    don't bother with skydive san diego, pretty boy... it's been hyjacked. thanks for the amusing jump at eloy, kid. it was fun! the angry hobbit just another dz gypsy
  4. improvements made by buzz were whatever was required for the military contract. no more, no less. i have helped with some of those improvements and most of them were initiated by andy. buzz's generosity included selling a camera and helmet to a jumper with 20 jumps, at a price he couldn't resist. he has been jumping the camera since jump 21. it scares me that a business decision may end that young man's life. i don't intend to use a public formum to slander buzz, although i have been known to get carried away by emotion at times. i have been hearing negative comments about the man for years, and always reserved my opinion for my own observations. he has always treated me well, and is a fairly likable person. i am merely stating that there are 2 sides to this story, and none of us has ALL of the details, and each of us has a unique perspective. i will also say that with less than 200 jumps, your history is much shorter than most of us, so you would obviously have a different opinion. you might reserve your call to Bullshit, and open your mind a bit more as well. i believe your point is well taken that we should be careful with baseless accusation, but airing our grievances can also invite enough participation to separate the fact from bullshit. It also allows us to grieve. we can save the positive thinking for when andy has something else going.... the real story here is that there has been a drastic change in the dynamic of our favorite playground. people are hurt and angry, and need release. this should be clear in some of our posts. when these emotions burn off, there will be time for clear thinking. this may also serve as a challenge to buzz to maintain the legacy of a great skydiver and managing dzo. i look foward to meeting you, speer. elsinore will likely be my most frequent hangout for a while. perris is not my favorite place... the angry hobbit
  5. i have spent nearly every weekend at sdsd for the past 4.5 years. i don't know who you are, russ, and sorry we never met... but we definitely don't see things the same way. perhaps there is another dz during the week?
  6. Where is the new dropzone going to be located? i knew i was going to bait someone with that statement. until the negotiations are complete, however, i won't publicly post any details unless andy approves of it first. i would not want to be responsible for inadvertantly sabotaging anything he has going on. know that he will create another first class dz. in 2 years andy turned a dry, nasty tandem factory into a world class operation that served funjumpers with the same status as students and tandems. his love of this sport and the people in it, and his generosity, are unparalleled.
  7. NONE of the instructors who were there when I started in 2001 are still at SDSD. Except for Adam, who is now a jump plane pilot. THANK YOU Phil. Your post was accurate, fair, and expressed my views and emotions well. I, too, will follow Andy wherever he goes. (It is a 2 hour drive to his new dz, but I'll be making a weekend of it as often as I can! I will also be there to sweat and slave over making sure he has as much help as he needs to get it up and running by February.) the angry hobbit
  8. san diego has been my home dz for 4 years. i have seen it grow into a world class dz under the prior management. unfortunately, a business deal went bad, and the old owner, who put absolutely nothing into the facility, has taken the operation back. a mass exodus of fun jumpers has occurred. i am deeply saddened by our loss. you can expect the porta potties to return...
  9. yo mommo's so fat, the back of her neck looks like a pack of hotdogs! my second favorite is a visual... attached the angry hobbit
  10. Yes angry hobbit... then he can use your javelin dammit! i love my odyssey! well, except for the fucked up main flap/pin cover, lack of full riser protection, and slipping leg strap clamps... makes me wonder which hole their head was up when everyone else added these features for freeflying. glad i got a great deal on it... or did i?...
  11. I don't know if shes ready for the bonfire ... might not be a good idea ... hmmmm... let me get this straight. we want the media to know the truth, but only the part we want them to know.... this forum is representative of US, whether we like it or not. we are human, have flaws, and sometimes react emotionally and hang our stuff out there to be slapped and kicked around. if i wrote an essay on the media's attention to this story, objecting to their selective reporting, it would be just as easy for them to pick key sentences out of that essay and make me look any way they wanted in order to slant the story. that danger is always there. this forum is open for ANYONE to view, like it or not. that is one reason there are PREVIEW POST and DELETE buttons here. if you don't want someone to read it, don't post it!
  12. great idea! i'll buy an infinity and i won't have to worry about my jumpbuddies' flaps any more!
  13. mike is in ARIZONA now! dammit. i hear he is starting his own military training biz out there in the desert. the finger is perfect, and it does sound like him... the coolest of the cool.
  14. i did my part. i have invited oprah to read these forums and talk to REAL skydivers for accurate information. i like the idea of making our reaction bigger than the story.