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  1. matto765

    Fatality at the big way?

    Heres a little more info on it:;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I also have a lot of friends there, and would greatly appreciate it if someone could shoot me a PM with his name.
  2. matto765

    crossfire/canopies with wingsuits

    Everyone is gonna tell you to never jump an elliptical canopy with wingsuit. That is very good advice. But, if you are an experienced wingsuiter with solid and stable body position on opening, you could get away with ellipticals (that is based off of my past experience). The risks involved are a lot greater and you will eventually get spun up. Now, I have done many wingsuit jumps with crossfires and I believe that if you want to wingsuit with any elliptical, this would probably be the best one to do it with. It is very stable on opening. I ony got spun up a few times with it, and each time I was able to get out of the twists. If you want to wingusit with and elliptical, make sure you understand that there is no special way to reduce the chances of a cutaway, and a cutaway is bound to happen. The best thing you could do is have plenty of wingsuit deployments under your belt, and make sure that you have a very good body position on deployment. I slightly modify my deployments when using an elliptical. I'm a big pussy and wont deploy an elliptical in full flight. I typically shut the whole suit down and allow myself to freefall again for a few seconds before I pitch. I feel that this gives a safer opening for the elliptical due to the decreased foward speed and increased vertical speed. it also gives me a little more time to see if my body position is a little off (like in a slight turn, for example). The general concensus is that its bad to wingsuit with ellipticals. I agree with that, but its all up to you and how much risk you are willing to take. Don't be upset if you have to chop a little more often.
  3. matto765

    Wingsuits on Discovery Channel 7/23

    That is too funny. I remember watching that happen, being about 20 feet to their left. It surely was a "death defying moment"
  4. matto765

    Who's the guy in the picture?

    That is Curt Bartholomew.
  5. matto765

    Video from Flock U this summer...

    Nice video. And, by the way, you are welcome for my demonstration on midair mating rituals.