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  1. I'm going to be flying into Phoenix the evening of Friday October 28 and wondering if there is anybody else getting in around that same time who might be able to give me a ride. Would be willing to share gas money and what-not. Thanks. - Aaron
  2. Hi Para-Cutie, I've recently developed an application called easyDz that provides the following functionality: Jump Account Management - Set jumper settings - Set jumper pricing levels and jumper type - Enter gear checks and repack cycles - Securely store credit card information Reservation System - Setup tandem, AFF, etc. classes - Embed an online booking tool onto your existing website - Automatically pull online reservations into manifest system (no double-entry of data) Manifest Screen - Setup load settings (altitude, aircraft, formations, etc.) - Reserve slots for manifest, load-organizers, fun-jumpers - Drag and drop jumpers into slots - Alerts when jumpers have insufficient funds or ratings to fill slots - Put specific licenses on holds - Automatically calculate takeoff times Self-Manifest / Check-In Terminal - Allow (or not) load organizers and/or fun jumpers to self-manifest - Allow students and staff to check-in to queue Dropzone Management - Setup basic dropzone settings - Setup aircraft settings, pricing, and costing - View and print reports on dropzone stats, including real-time profit Point-of-Sales Management - Create multiple stores (gear store, restaurant, etc) - Setup pricing - Manage inventory levels if applicable - Enter sales and return transactions - Generate customer receipts How it Works - No special hardware or networking required There's no doubt some features I've left out, but feel free to contact me directly for further information regarding how this application can help your dropzone become more efficient. Thanks. - Aaron
  3. Does anybody know if it's possible to attach wider-angle lenses to this camera? Thanks.
  4. Oops - I meant to write GZ-MS100 as the model number. Thanks.
  5. Has anybody jumped a JVC Everio S? I know JVC's don't have as good of a reputation as Sony, but this camera has EIS instead of OIS so might be a solution for sitflying, and it records to flash media. If it's a cheaper camera that doesn't shake I might take this over the better quality Sony CX7 that has problems with OIS. Also, I noticed on the specifications that it has a minimum operating temperature of 32 F. Does this mean that if it's below freezing out the door the camera's going to shut down? Thanks for any insights you may be able to offer.
  6. I had this same thought the other day. I don't know much on the subject but saw one made for sony camcorders. It has an underwater weight of 100g but not sure how heavy it would be on your head or how much it would cost. I'd be interested to know what you find out.
  7. Has anybody jumped a Canon HF10 or HF100? All else equal, do these cameras also have an issue with image stability? I'm assuming they do, but figured I'd ask. Thanks.
  8. Any luck with the HF100? Cheers.
  9. Has anybody tried this option? It doesn't sound ideal but I'd be curious to know if it works.
  10. That makes sense. It just happens that the tape cameras people are recommending are EIS instead of OIS. And even when "disabling" OIS it still gives trouble from what I've been able to read? Are there any EIS flash-media camcorders out there or is EIS pretty much being totally replaced by OIS? Thanks again.
  11. Why is it that you get this problem with flash media and not so much with tape? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks. Any word on how the Canon FS11 performs compared to the CX7? I'm assuming based on your previous comments that this camera would also have a shaky image problem?
  13. Forgive me if there's already been a discussion on this (have not been able to find one), but I'm looking into purchasing a low-profile flash-media video camera to be top-mounted. The Sony CX7 looked like the perfect solution but I've read a lot of feedback on the "shaky image" problem during sit fly. If you were to have a conversation restricted to only flash-media top-mount cameras, which brands and models would be the best options? I'm not looking to win any Oscars with my videos, but would like something that performs with consistent quality for debriefing jumps and making the occasional skydiving montage to share with friends. Thanks.
  14. A little off topic, but have you experienced the "shaky picture while sitflying" problem with your cx7? I really like this camera but have been going back and forth on getting one based on some of what I've been reading about this issue, so I'm just trying to ask around. Thanks.
  15. I have a work assignment that will possibly be taking me to Brindisi, Italy, for a year and was wondering if anybody knew if there was a dropzone in that area? I think it's kind of a stretch but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.