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  1. krabberkris


    Everyone at my home DZ knew I had ordered a Dolphin from Altico last summer , and when I arrived at the DZ with my new rig for the first time early that Saturday morning along with a case of Bass Ale , people gathered around to give my new rig a look over. It was immediately compared to a couple of older Dolphin containers that were on the for sale rack in the hangar , and the changes made to the design versus the earlier models were clearly visible .In particular were the tuck tab riser covers and the routing of the bridle leaving none of it exposed and securely stowed. The leg straps have significantly more padding and are very comfortable. The Dolphin made it's debut at the time head down flying was rapidly gaining popularity , and the container received it's fair share of criticism in this discipline. That was then , this is now. There is no comparing the earlier design to the modern one. The Dolphin is now all grown up ! In addition , Altico has added many more color options to the container and Mike Furry goes out of his way to ensure your satisfaction with his product. I may also add that I own another container / harness from a national leader in container / harness manufacturing , and can honestly say that my new Dolphin is just as comfortable and reliable. If you are looking for a very good rig at a fair and reasonable price made by a company that will not stop short in ensuring your satisfaction , then don't hesitate to look at the all new Dolphin. It delivers ! I now have close to 70 jumps on it and LOVE it.