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  1. asphaltpussy

    Skylark new Odyssey EVO parachute

    We use the name EVO since 2008 on our containers.
  2. asphaltpussy

    Hydro dipping a Cookie G3

    You have to remove everything in order to dip it without messing up your liner. therefore just rip it off and use a hot glue gun later on to put it back on. You also have to undo the bartack on the chinstrap in order to take of the buckle. did dozens for us in Eloy and is the official place where cookie get's theirs dipped.
  3. asphaltpussy


    I love it. Got 2, and the kick ass. Unfortunately the company has still a weird reputation due to a totally different rig and a lot of stupid jumpers. But even the biggest critics now love the rig
  4. asphaltpussy

    !!!!!! BEAT CANCER BOOGIE 2010 in Bitburg !!!!!!!!!

    Wegen PN´s Registrierung auf Danke für den Hinweis.
  5. asphaltpussy

    Neue Dropzone in Bitburg, Skydive Luxembourg

    Aufgrund der PM´s anbei der link. Bis denne im März, weiter Infos und Specials bald. BS
  6. asphaltpussy

    Firebird Skydiving

    We offer USPA AFF for American Servicemen in Germany and German AFF for Locals Rig & Canopy Manufacturer FIREBIRD at the DZ, Demo Gear all year Tunnelcamps for all Levels at the Bottrop Tunnel Other Planes on Boogies Helicopter & Balloonjumps available on request
  7. asphaltpussy


    Hi Vinzent, in Eloy sind zur Zeit auch deutsche AFF Lehrer wie Guido Wuest. Da kannst de dann direkt die deutsche Lizenz erlangen.
  8. asphaltpussy

    Atmonauti Boogie LUXEMBOURG AIR GAMES in BITBURG 18-20.07.2008

    169€ tickets on all Luxair flights (Two ways of course) to the boogie. No further costs. All equipment included. No weight limit. Check the destinations : Reservations : Reservation code : Luxairgames
  9. Nous aurons 3 ballons. Ceci a été confirmé. Blue skies et stay tuned Georges