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  1. Thanks for the suggestion; I hadn't thought of that. That's the 98th Flight Training Squadron. I'll try and get in touch with them.
  2. I'm curious if there are any current riggers in the Colorado Springs area. If so, and you're interested in some business, please PM me with your name and cell number; thanks!
  3. BASE1064

    Skydive The Farm

    If you're looking for the best dropzone in the south, hell maybe the world, look no further than Skydive The Farm (STF). This is a true skydivers' DZ. For all those skydivers who's rigs are collecting dust because the DZ just isn't fun anymore, The Farm is the place to get your mojo back. Everyone there is awesome, the jumps are great, the facilites are very nice and improving all the time, the pond is the shit, and THE VIBE is second to none. Besides being an awesome DZ for experienced jumpers, STF takes great care of it's students too. This is all of course due to the hard work of the DZO, Hans. He is very professional and competant, and just all around an awesome dude. He proves once and for all that you do not have to be a bastard to run a successul DZ. LONG LIVE SKYDIVE THE FARM!