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  1. Skydive Jersey (Pittstown, NJ) Experienced Jumpers

    The 2015 season will be Skydive Jersey’s 5th year in business. We’ve had a great 4 seasons and look forward to this season being the best one yet.

    We began as a small, one Cessna DZ, and have now grown into a PAC750 dropzone operating from 14,000 ft. Until this point we’ve been a tandem only facility. But as skydivers ourselves, we’ve always felt like there was something missing.

    That missing component is you, the experienced skydiver.

    This is the year that things change. Skydive Jersey is pleased to announce that our jump doors are now open to all experienced skydivers.

    For more information about our operation, hours, or general questions, call us today

    at 866-669-3020.