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Dropzone Reviews posted by KennethPugh

  1. Hey guys its Kenneth Pugh and unlike the guy below all my contact info is in my profile so if you dont like what i have to say shoot me an email. First Nobody sold this guy accident insurance, t shirt most likely although he got to choose from 10 different styles. Second the waiver he is referring to is the relative workshop waiver which every tandem in the country has to to watch and sign before jumping a sigma system (this dangerous dropzone owns 13 sigmas). And his reference to the tandem student that was dropped just so happened to be dropped by the country's best rigger at another Atlanta dropzone. And its obvious this poster is not an experienced jumper because of his comment on the hook turn fatality, experienced jumper fatality s such as that are not a reflection of the dropzones safety not to mention your referring to our lost friends! In a nutshell before anyone takes dingleberry1's advice check the facts ask around, any self respecting jumper will be honest about a dropzones safety no matter where they are from.