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  1. to answer your question yes i did go out once a month or so and i did jump 2 or 3 time in maybe a 6 week period so its not like i quite i just slowed way down from the 10 a weekend i was doing.
  2. ok seriously you all assume that i don't treat people well and that i use people. This is not the case i have always tried to treat anyone i meet with respect. maybe you should not read into my post so much and just take it for how it is. Me being mad at skydiver being self centered
  3. Lots of good points by everyone. Yea i was steamed last night and there is a lot more to this but it would like like a gig of data to explain my whole life. And yes for a time we where friends outside of the DZ. No worries i have chosen to find others to hand with and hopefully they aren't as fair weathered as the last.
  4. So i don't know if anyone else here noticed but skydivers really don't make good friends. They only happen to be your friend as long as your jumping. You know i jumped somewhere almost every weekend for 3 years, did some 4 way teams, some tunnel time, some vacation with skydiver....... I loose my job and need to take a break from jumping so that i can eat. I quickly find out that the second i stop jumping skydivers no longer give a shit. I know this sounds like a pity party for me... In some way it is but in other ways i am also curious if others have run into this. In fact i once walked 27 miles to get home because my "friends" where to busy jumping to give me a ride. Never mind that it was an emergency. (cabs didn't come to the DZ) I've had skydivers (a friend) steal from me and pretend like they didn't even though i caught them. Don't get me wrong I love this sport. I come from a military background and i really have a hard time understanding why everyone i know can be so shallow. The really sad thing is that i have hear skydivers say oo that person doesn't jump a lot anymore they used to be cool so #$% them if they don't wanna jump. So seriously why don't you take this weekend and maybe do something nice to a fellow jumper that does not involve skydiving. You would be surprised how one small act of kindness can really turn someone's day around. I want to believe that a lot of people who jump do this to get away from the reality of life. So maybe changing their reality might help. Yes that means some of you who will post that you never would do that sort of thing. And no this is not my real profile.