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  1. soybeanmike

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    thanks for all the replies everybody, they are helpful. I guess I'm going to have to just be a free agent and roam around DZs for a while. Not too bad to have plenty of choices in the area. hope to jump with everyone.
  2. soybeanmike

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    yep yep...ill be at the no rules ranch this weekend...time to get back into it and get my swoop on... what do you mean about the no rules ranch?
  3. soybeanmike

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    I heard from some people at my DZ that at other DZs, primarily the bigger ones, you have to pay for organizing. Is that true at the Ranch, Cross Keys, and STL?
  4. soybeanmike

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    No, i didn't look at cross keys. tell me about it. i knew something was fishy about the philly place.
  5. soybeanmike

    Moving to Hackettstown, NJ. Need a new DZ

    Hey everybody, I'll be moving to Hackettstown, NJ very soon and would like some insight into which DZ should be my new home. I come from a small cesna dz- Archway Skydiving in Vandalia, IL. I currently have 231 jumps with a coach rating. All of my jumps are RW and don't have much freefly experience. I'd like to be on a 4 way team this season. I've looked at the Blue Sky Ranch, Sky's the Limit, and Skydive Philadelphia. Any comments about those DZ and/or any suggestions? Blue skies and soft openings. Mike
  6. soybeanmike

    Texas Tunnel

    Good thinking Dave! Gig 'em! Though thats a five hour drive, but dfw is a major hub too so people would check it out. The other thought i had was actually having it a a major mall like the galleria bc parents can drop off their kids and be entertained for a bit. So whoever makes millions off that one, i accept free tunnel jumps :) On a personal note, ITS GREAT TO BE BACK IN TEXAS FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!
  7. soybeanmike

    Texas Tunnel

    That makes sense purring it in san antonio bc of the tourism. Hope they put one there so coming home from IL will have more benefits!!!
  8. soybeanmike

    Hornet 190 vs. Saber2 190

    Just my 2 cents. I've downsized to a hornet 190 and have about 50 or so jumps on it now. Its a very nice canopy for me loading at about 1.2. Depending on how new of a hornet you get (got mine with 50 jumps) it, like a sabre1, has a tendency to open faster than a pilot. I have demo'd a sabre2 190 and found it to snivel better and ia a bit more responsive. I agree with other posters to stay where you are with the pilot 188 at your loading. That canopy from my understanding is very comprable to the sabre and should last you quite a while. Stay patient and learn on it. Remember its not a race. But im no expert so my opinon is worth what you paid for it. Enjoy and jump safe!
  9. soybeanmike

    Students do the craziest things

    First off, mad props to the instructor for staying alert with the student. Beer worthy for sure, hell if i were the dzo i'd give him/her a raise for that save. I kind of agree with labys regarding the posting of the video from the standpoint that whuffos that consider skydiving dangerous as further proof that "ah-ha! see how this is can kill you?" but yet they don't think twice about cars and/or motorcycles. Not bashing the OP poster at all, but do think these type of vids should be kept within the skydiving community where skydivers can understand what's going on. just my humble opinion brothers and sisters. blue skies, SBM