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  1. Finished final score 9690.
  2. I've eaten chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers before. Where's my money?
  3. I'm really excited about the new Splinter Cell game. The gameplay looks really fun.
  4. Will this be distributed to the Kalamazoo area?
  5. Stride, the gum perfect for banesanura. Edit for name, please don't punish me banesanura. On second thought, go ahead.
  6. I only use the facebook IM. That's not one of the options
  7. I think that they were originally pranks done by the SA staff I think that it's possible that bloodninja wrote for SA or someone made a site of SA's stuff, or SA ripped of his stuff. Get it, got it, good
  8. Oh lighten up and laugh a little. +1
  9. Here's a compilation of some of the funniest 911 calls I've heard:
  10. I thought "super high me" was a very funny documentary.
  11. kikkoman


    Don't know you but happy birthday! I'm drinking some beers 'cause I don't have class until 6:00p.m. Besides that just listening to some music, playing guitar, surfing the web, and not doing my work.
  12. Why was there a shot glass half full of spit? I don't know if I'm reading that right.
  13. In Bruges. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a while.
  14. Are you connected directly to your modem or going through a router?
  15. I'm drinking budwipers. I'm broke
  16. No, it was found outside of our hospital/health center.