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  1. What a blast.... 92 registered skydivers, 2 Turbine Atlas Angels, two and a half days of great skydiving weather (one and a half days of not so great skydiving weather), 74 loads, 637 descents, 13 500 ft, 15 000 ft and 18 000 ft loads, an average of 7 jumps per jumper! There were both organised, and disorganised loads, formation Atlas Angel drops, 2Ways, 4Ways, 8Ways, 12Ways, 16Ways, lots of coaching, skills transfer, progression, a great vibe, beautiful scenery, beach landings, nakedness, parties, hangovers, no incidents and no cutaways. The Margate Boogie has been put together by Pete Lawson for many years. Pete commented that skydiving in South Africa is pumping and that this was one of the best turn outs for a number of years. I love seeing my alti go all the way around past zero again, which it did every time! An absolute blast it was indeed! There was representation from drop zones right across South Africa, as well as a number of South African Skydivers who came back from overseas specifically for the Margate Boogie - bringing with them more skydivers from all over! Naomi, having been working at the Abu Dhabi Tunnel, I Fly Dubai Tunnels, and Skydive Dubai for the last 2 years, rocked up unannounced with a bunch of good people from that side. Tamsin came all the way from New Zealand! A full on reunion - this is what Skydiving Boogies are all about! With Formation Skydiving load organising by Simba (one of 4 South African Skydivers with the World Record 400Way under his belt), the first formation Atlas Angel drops were flown building up to 16Way FS jumps. At the same time Llewellyn flew his 500th hour on type, making him the most experienced Atlas Angel Pilot in the World.... Simba highlighted the importance of ground work, team work, skills building and preparation, building up towards larger formations. A number of people their first 8Ways and 16Ways in, and from what I can gather at least 7 people on one 16Way Skydive completed the last of their requirements for D-Licenses. Whoo Haar! The last time Graham Field was part of large organized FS skydives was back in 1994 as part of the World Team and the 216Way World Record in Bratislava Slovakia, after the 16Ways Graham commented "fkn hell that was awesome". Freddy was reminded about "Public Streaking Fines" prior to his 100th jump and advised by Pete to land back at the airfield rather than on the beach. There was at least 4 Police Officers at the airfield when he landed and the only thing he got was a laugh! Congrats Freddy! The flying and spots by Llewellyn and Duran was consistently superb, with only 5 off landings the entire boogie. At one point the upper winds were recorded as blowing at up to 65knts, no one even blinked! A number of people in the area took the opportunity to make Tandem Introductory Skydives with us, and some had the privilege of landing on the beach as well! Rose, enthralled by all of the activity hung out at the Margate Airfield for the duration of the Boogie. She made a Tandem Introductory Skydive with us, loved it and then did second Tandem Skydive with us the next day. As a "non-skydiver" she summed up the event perfectly commenting "It has been a breath of fresh air to meet such a genuinely passionate and enthusiastic group of such incredibly talented people. Everyone has been so pleasant, helpful, fun and friendly. The organisation, atmosphere, safety and evident professionalism has been incredible. It has been an absolute privilege to have observed the boogie, and to have jumped here with you guys". Thanks Rose! Frederik is busy putting together a Bang Bang Margate Boogie Video -- Coming Soon! Thanks to Pete Lawson and everyone that had anything to do with making the Margate Boogie a great success. Thanks to everyone who came out (some from seriously far), who supported and enjoyed it all to the max. As Rob V said "Dankie Maatjies!" Next up "The Ranch Boogie", 5th to the 9th August.... Watch this space!
  2. hey, mine is all red aswell, waited a while, but its worth it