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  1. Hahahaha Robert I wonder what asshole made that thing for you on his lunch break many moons ago?
  2. A caveat to that is if the freefall rig is considered non standard like the Military Javelin then the military rigger also must have an FAA rigger ticket as well to pack the reserve.
  3. Thank you Robert, however I doubt Jeff Napier or anyone else for that matter will be calling out Mike on this.
  4. Robert - It can be done. Jeff did it with his telemetry stuff he used to tranq deer with. It was just a small sleeve sewn on his riser. He ended up using it too shortly after putting it on.
  5. This statement really shows why everyone is a hater. They took your customers, ok, got it but deceptive? How so? Beloit is right down the road from East Troy, if they really were "your" customers then how the fuck were you pulling them to you? I plan on still jumping at East Troy when I go visit family because I really enjoy your DZ, I also plan on jumping in Beloit too. Here is a tip: If you want to put them out of business and they are so close to you? Stop whinning, do better, simple as that. That's how it works in this country. Hope to see you in June, lets jump
  6. What a terrible parachute...
  7. Matt i'm trying to figure out who you are refering to becuase I sure as hell hope you dont mean me. No where in my post did I say we did not show the tandem waiver DVD, it's not nice to make shit up P.S. Even though you are an asshat for saying the above statement, I still invite you out to our wonderfull DZ.
  8. In the tandem course I was told they have to watch it but when our old disk started skipping we couldn't find the video anywhere on UPTs website or anywhere else for that matter.
  9. Maybe they have sponsored events but I cant remember any. They dont however sponsor any athletes that jump, so yeah I do think its relevent to the thread. Is there some sort of gentlemens agreement that RB and Monster have?
  10. Apologies, I didn't think the comparison would be lost on you. See the remainder of the post and maybe it will make sense. Nixon, Sony, Monster all sponsor skydiving teams/people/gear too. They also all sponsor planes, race cars, professional hunters, tennis players, mountain bikers, skiers, kayakers, and maybe even chess players. They really truly don't give a shit about the sport they're sponsoring any more than RedBull does. They get access to eyeballs and association. It's called "branding." It has nothing to do with whether they like skydiving or not. RedBull got sold on skydiving by a skydiving professional, just as skydivers are sold on RedBull by professional marketing. Same thing, different floor. Monster sponsors no skydive/BASE jumpers
  11. Wow. None of that info made it to us. We just measure 290 inches at 14 lbs and mark where the first knot needs to go.
  12. Yeah I think I have seen him chop more than anybody else lol
  13. To far away to go jump at on a regular basis
  14. Well I stand corrected then. Great place you have there. Wish I could come back to jump!
  15. USPA Group Member Dropzones are allowed by USPA to jump 16 year-olds. Don't know why you think otherwise. Each dropzone is an independent business and may set their age limit higher. Most dropzones set their minimum age at the age of legal majority for the state they are in which is 18 in most, but not all, states. It is 19 in Alabama, for instance. West Tennessee Skydiving will let you jump at 16, Tandem or AFF, with fully rated USPA Instructors and whether we are a Group Member Dropzone is irrelevant to this discussion. See http://www.SkydiveKingAir.com Mike Mullins Tandem at 16? Really? Forget about the USPA GM stuff. The manufacturers have made it pretty clear that 18 is the legal age to do tandems
  16. Yes I have jumped it. I have jumped it in tactical and non tactical enviroments. It is perfect for admin jumps but as far as a tactical canopy it fucking blows. When jumped in large formations I.E. a mass exit/ mass tactical scenario it is very dangerous. Incredibly slow openings amplify line twists so bad that jumpers land with them and/ or drift into other canopies, canopies that have 4 non mesh covered modifications. It's not so fun to get sucked into a corner vent and have to land that way. The CARP data also needs to be changed for it. The T-11 is 28% larger than the T-10 and has a slower rate of descent but the drift constant is the same in the CARP? This problem might have been the cause of death in one fatality so far on the T-11. It seems to me that the people who desgined, packed and test jumped the T-11s at YPG did not have real world conditions in mind. Although im sure people like Lou will say its amazing as they have many many years of unrealated experience. Get real guys.
  17. I would say there is a very large difference in the way they work. The first and biggest thing that comes to mind is the difference in physics between a round and a square.
  18. Sorry. I should have been more specific. The main curve pin protector flap on the pack tray of the T-11/MC-6 is breaking all of the time.
  19. Funny you say that cuz I have seen quite a few tuck tabs on MC-6s breaking lately.
  20. Mistake in the manufacturing process? What are the allowable tollerances for risers?