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  1. Sorry i meant slider out to the front of the pack. you see these openings are having an effect. mark tether
  2. Guys Cheers, i have now adopted a new approach. i have been told by another pro swooper to bring the pilot chute full out to the front. As you no bish i have 10 good ones at terminal. then within 1/2 secs of letting the PC go i have a full canopy above. the last time i was seeing stars, and nearly promised to burn the canopy. Im going to try another 26inch pilot chute, i also have my rigger making me a 23inch (small i know). I will have another look at my packing and get in touch with PD. Maybe i have the bitch of Velos and i am about at the 280-300 on the lines. any way cheers guys it looks like i will do sub terminals until then. Thanks Mark. Bish wont see you sat, day of and on a demo. Safe skies. mark tether
  3. Hi all I am wondering if any one can give me any advice on the prefered pilot chute size for the Velo 90 & 75. i currently have a 30 inch one which i think keeps assisting in some horrific openings. I may be wrong on this, as my rigger tells me it may be my packing, however i never had this problem for years and my friend has a 26 inch one on the velo 90 and never seems to have this problem. We pack exactly the same. i use the canopys for general use, hop and pops and up to terminal. Does any one have any valuable advice before i break my neck. Mark mark tether
  4. I agree with you all on the 2.2 been a good wing loading, but as morris said i agree you should train as you expect to compete. ive been observing and training over the last 2 seasons, and i hope if im ready to start competing next summer. once the 75 turns up i will initially stick with 2.2 then slowly build the wing loading up. Stay safe mark tether
  5. Morris i jump a Velo 90, the drama i have is that i only weigh 160lbs all up. so i have to wear 35-40lb of lead to get any thing out of it. i have just ordered a Velo 75 knowing that it will hurt my distance but at least i can get rid of the 2 weight belts and not have to panick about bottom feeding in the pond. for me to get up to 2.68 on the 90 i would have to put on 120lb of lead. oh well the 75 with lead it is. mark tether