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  1. At first glance, "Psychoward" Marc had that innocent little boy look about him. But then he would start talking and he would always amaze me with his stories about things I shouldn't repeat here. He was so funny. As soon as he would start telling a story, you would already want to laugh because of the look on his face. He would get this far away serious look and pause between sentences; always keeping my attention until the end of the story when inevitably I'd be laughing. I feel truly blessed to have known you psychoward...I'll miss you. Blue skies man
  2. I just read a review on Arizona Skydiving Coolidge and was disappointed to read one that WhoKnows wrote. She said she was treated badly and the girls there did not like new girls going there. Hmmm....I am one of the girls that jumps there regularly and I am sorry for the bad experience. I like to make it a point to be nice to new people, especially other girls. We don't have a lot of girls during the summer so it's always nice when one comes along. (To help kick boys butts! ) She also said that there was not much help for newbies. Again, I don't know when she was there, but that has not been my experience. We have many students who get plenty of help. WhoKnows, I wish you would give Coolidge another chance. Let me know when you can come and I'll meet you there. It really is a great place to jump and hang out!! I'm writing because I wanted to know of others experiences. Has anyone else been to Coolidge? I hope this was an isolated incident. To me, it seems to be a very friendly atmosphere where people are treated like family. I hope for everyone to get the same feeling when they come. Christine
  3. I had to click on your profile to see where you live, because they sound identical to the people I work with....thought we might work at the same place. Unfortunately, the world seems to be full of them.
  4. Christine


    ME ME I'm going!! Miller Lite is my most favoritest!!!!!!
  5. Your son is SO cute!! I worked 2 jobs till I saved enough money to buy it, then quit the second job so I could have time to jump it. Too bad I forgot to plan to save money for jump tickets...oops.
  6. Skydivers go D-O-W-N faster!! ~Christine
  7. Christine

    lost home

    I know how that feels, my home dz closed a while back and left me feeling kind of lost, seeing as it was the only place I ever jumped at. Fortunately, some of the staff went to another one (a little further away), and I followed. It took some time there to really feel ok with it. Lots of new people, landing area with obstacles (I wasn't used to that!!). But now I consider it my home dz. I miss a lot of the people I knew from the first place. But I found out there are really cool people at every dropzone, you just have to hang out for a bit. I also think it helps your skydiving to jump at new places with new people. You learn different things. Hang in there, find a new dz and give it a fair chance. Good luck!!
  8. On the planes you travel on, you don't have to flash the pilot to get extra altitude.
  9. ...change my life??? I want to do it all over again!!
  10. Christine


    I lost a lot of friends, made a lot more, much cooler friends. Lost interest in saving $$ to buy a house. Quit my second job to make time to skydive. Became more confident. Daydream a whole lot more at work. I live more for today than I used to. Before I always thought I could put everything off and do it "someday". Now I want to live as much as I can while I'm young and enjoy every minute I can. No more excuses.
  11. We were coming in to land on a commercial flight. Looking out the window, I said to my friend beside me "I wonder how high we are", I glanced at the watch on my left wrist thinking I'd find the altitude and I instead found the time. That's when I knew it was time to wake up from the fantasy.
  12. I hope she ends up going back and doing it because I know myself, I would chicken out completely if a JM called me a baby on my first jump. Thank God all my instructors were supportive of me, especially when I was feeling nervous (or scared to death). I tried to learn scuba diving once, and the instructors yelled at me and made fun of me when I had a hard time. I left there crying and never went back. That's ok though, because then I found skydiving!! :) Christine
  13. Christine


    How fun, I want to play!!! At the office, behind an unlocked door during business hours In the bed of a strangers truck in the parking lot of a bar (sitting up on top of him) with people walking by, yelling to them...very alcohol induced!! Playground, in the little plastic house, at night BJ in the back seat of a car w/my parents in the front the middle of the day (we had a blanket and I pretended I was cold and tired, needed to lay down for a bit)
  14. I would try but I feel the same as you today, it does suck. Hope it gets better for you!!