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  1. Quote My question is: Why is flying in proximity on your belly important for safety when flying camera?reply] It isn't important when flying camera.... It is important "PERIOD" I can understand your eagerness, as these experienced camera fliers have said, wait a bit, slow down. I started flying camera at about 170 jumps, ive only got 260 now, and even been offered a camera slot at a DZ local to me. They offered me the training and advice I need to get my skills up to scratch to film tandems and AFF etc... I've done some training there and filmed a dozen or so tandems. I thought this is great getting my jumps paid for me, all this experience is awesome! You know what, I've given it all up. This fantastic opportunity I've just blown away. The reason why.... Because there is so much to think about, so much pressure, whether you are filming a customer or just for fun. Flying camera is f*cking dangerous, I started to forget the basics and luckily recognized before I f*cked up totally. Listen to these guys, even if you don't like them or what they have to say... They speak the truth! I won't give any advice or say what you should or shouldn't do. Look, Listen and take heed. Don't make mistakes the hard way. I havent got the experience, but be grown up enough to realize that this sport isn't just about you! Keep your ears and eyes open and mouth shut. Enjoy, the freedom we all here have been blessed with, you'll know when the time is right to stick a camera on your noggin! Blue skies all! Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  2. DSE, Do you know the dimensions of the control unit? If so can you disclose them? Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  3. Remove the filter kit that will stop the vignetting. I had a Liquid 3 lens with my TG1/TG3 setup and found that the lens vignettes with the UV filter kit so I took it off. The only problem is that the Liquid 3 lens picks up the side of the helmet. I've since sold my Liquid 3 lens because I think it looks pretty bad when you have enough helmet in shot for it to be classed as porn... and you cant really sell the footage to a customer. I'm now using a liquid 5 with no filter. Works for me. "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  4. Man that footage is sweet. I've had my TG1 set-up from Cookie for nearly a week now and I cant wait to jump it. Thats shit british summer weather for you! Thanks for sharing, I'm even mor excited now. Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  5. Here is a list of AVCHD friendly software http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_editing_software#High_definition_import Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  6. I don't get parachutist magazine here in the UK. I just wrote a post based on what I had to discover myself when I bought a new camera. The information I gave was so that others could make a more informed choice on a new purchase rather than get a new camera home and have to find it all out the hard way like I did.... I got to the point where I wanted to go back to my HC40 and was pulling my hair out when things wouldn't work how I wanted to. HD is going to be the way forward so I persisted and reported my findings. I'm now happy that I will still be able to do all of what I could before when using Mini DV.... I just can't wait to jump it now! Thanks for the response though. Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  7. Yesterday I got my spanky brand new, Sony HDR-TG3. Having converted from an HC40 on Mini DV I was quite excited. Here are a few things I never even considered before purchasing an HD camcorder, and just thought I would give a heads up to all those who are thinking of buying HD. With my HC40 d/loading footage and editing clips was easy using firewire and worked very simply. The new camera is a different story as it uses a memory stick. Firstly you can record either in HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition...). HD quality from this camera is superb. In order to d/load your clips to pc/laptop you must use the software that came with the camera (Sony Picture Motion Browser) and is connected via a USB cable. You then import your clips to your computer's hard drive. Now here is where I nearly got caught out, if you record in SD the clips are recorded in an Mpeg-2 format which most if not all computers will rcognise and therefore is not a problem. However I didn't buy an HD camera to record SD. When recording in HD clips are recorded using AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) which will then generate clips that have a .m2ts file extension. Shock horror, not many pc's recognise .m2ts file formats. In order to play these .m2ts on your computer you have to have a stand alone player (part of the sony software bundle) or convert the files to something that your pc will recognise (.wmv or .avi etc...). The trouble with this is that you risk losing some of the quality from your clips. If you want to edit your clips you need an editing package that recognises .m2ts files. Luckily I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 to edit my footage, and it does recognise .m2ts files so when I need to edit my clips I just import the file in it's raw .m2ts format. So in a nut shell if you are thinking about buying an HD camcorder that records to memory stick or a hdd make sure your video editing software is AVCHD friendly and will recognise .m2ts files. If it doesn't then you have got alot of work on your hands converting your videos at the risk of losing quality. Sorry to bore you all but there were some things about using an HD/memory stick camcorder that I wasn't even aware of. So hopefully you will be better informed than I was if you weren't aware of any of the above. Hopefully my new cookie helmet and black box will arrive soon so I can jump my new cam. Blue skies all! Mart "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  8. "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  9. As skydivers you should be ashamed, where is your support? Steve is a nice guy although I don't really know him, he does jump at our DZ. If the guy wants to have a go thats up to him. Steve is very serious about it. Besides who cares if its hype or not? If he pulls it off awesome, if not, better luck next time . If it is all hype is there really going to be any of us lose sleep over it??? I doubt it.... So hype or not good luck Steve! "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  10. I myself wear contact lenses and these are a great solution to not having to wear glasses. I understand that some people can't stand to put a little silicon disc in their eye. I have thought about laser eye surgery but have decided against it, long term effects aren't yet known and your eyesight can still deteriorate... However I have found a solution! Have any of you heard of ORTHO K contact lenses or ORTHOKERATOLOGY? Ortho K contact lenses are as they suggest contact lenses, and if you can get over putting a little bit of silicon in your eye you will praise this whole concept. You go to a local optometrist that specialises in ortho k and have standard eye tests. They map the contours of your eye with a computer (no lasers or cutting, or anything touching your eye) they then get a set of hard lenses made for your eyes... Now here is the magic... You put them in at night and sleep in them, when you wake the next morning take them out and you have 20:20 vision all day, for some patients it can last upto 2 days!. They work by flattening the surface of your eye to the correct shape in order to see perfectly. So during the day, no lenses glasses or anything, the process is totally reversible by just not putting the lenses in at all... So totally painless. So going back to the subject of goggles... you can have whichever ones you like have a look http://www.orthoklenses.com/ "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  11. If you want an idea, book a few minutes in the tunnel to get a bit of a taster. I'm starting my aff in a couple of weeks. I did some time in the tunnel just as I said and it gives you a good idea of what's going on with your body. Have a look at my vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gulB8scQ4 this was my first visit to the tunnel, but it was my second 2 minute flight. For the first couple of levels of aff, instructors stay firmly gripped to you until pull time to help correct your body position. I don't know it all as I am only a student too, but I was just as curious as you were. "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  12. WOO! Just to let you guys all know, I've booked my AFF for the 5th December here in the UK. I know the weather will probably be bloody freezing, but I'm hoping the skies will be blue! I cant Wait
  13. If you don't mind, here is one of mine that is definately one to treasure. It think it tells a thousand words better than I can describe! To get weather like this in the UK is unheard of... lol "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  14. I'll agree, yea i need to relax. I must admit when i was at the tunnel the instructor was saying that arching and getting the best position was paramount. I agree with this, however in the briefing we all had to jump up onto a work surface to demonstrate this position and this demonstration seemed to be much more exagerated than in the tunnel, it was almost as though i had to decide for myself the best position for my body and how i felt comfortable, which i guesss is a no brainer which has made me think that If i can make these sorts of decisions in a split second, and adjust as neccessary then I am in the best position to learn. I know I need to relax, I want to start my aff now but here in the UK the weather is starting to turn cold, I don't think I'd get it in in time before the end of the year. I'm in no great rush, but I just want to do it... and now!!! lol, Perhaps I should just chill out over xmas and then get right up on it when the better weather arrives... I've come to the conclusion that the only way to learn is to do it. In my heart of hearts i know its best to wait until the weather is good next year then go for it! "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"
  15. Hey guys, I'm just looking for some guidance really. After doing my first tandem this past summer I have decided to do my AFF. As a bit of a helping hand I was given some tunnel time for my birthday. I explained to the instructor that I wanted to do my AFF. So instead of flying and having fun for the sake of it, he said that if it worked out ok we would go onto some manouvers to try and get stability and be able to start to control my body how I wanted. I have posted a video on youtube and am looking for critism or help and advice that can prepare me for my AFF. Bear in mind this is the first time I've been in the tunnel. The video that I posted was the 2nd of 2 2minute flights as a taster. Let me know what you think all comments greatly received. I can't wait to get back up in the big blue! I know nothing can really prepare me for AFF other than actually doing it, so I'm hoping that the tunnel will help. I'm going to do another session in the tunnel before I do my AFF so that should refresh me. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gulB8scQ4 Cheers guys "When I left school I couldn't even spell skydiver. Now I are one!"