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  1. I'm working on putting a couple videos together. One of openings (which are great) and one of landings. I use my 67HKT as my daily driver AFF, Tandem video XRW and all the fun stuff in between. I couldn't be happier! Dives like hell and rears forever. I can totally see the pack volume issue for FT-30. She packs bigger them my old 79 velo.
  2. Knowing the guys at Fluid Wings, it wont be long until that spot is filled. I
  3. Wile Sebastian can be a bit slow during the week its great on the weekend. Good people, great view, and good vibe and lots of loads. Definitely worth a day.
  4. My only comment is please don't schedule your ground school on new years day. Everyone here will understand.
  5. I don't have anything bad to say about my suit. It didn't fit quite right when I first got it. I let Ula know that I needed it for work and needed it repaired asap. She got it done the next day and was willing to work with me in any way she could. She stayed late and finished it for me. The hybrid wings are great. They fly great in a sit or on your belly. If your looking for a great camera found it.
  6. Im just curious to find out what other instructors pay for fun jumps. (When we actually decide to fun jump). Please list the type of aircraft and exit altitude. For us its $18.00 out of a super otter from 13,500.
  7. At Skydive Sebastian we do for bad weather, plane down, ext... I don't know where you heard that we don't.
  8. Im actually not a base jumper. But its replys like yours that make people not want to use this website as an educational forum. I asked a simple question and got responces that had noting to do with the question. And I find your negative outlook on base jumpers funny.
  9. So the basic answer is that no one has tried it. Thats all I was looking for. I didnt order a container that was to small, I bought if used over a year ago. And its worked great for the canopy I currently own. Im not experementing with smaller linesets, I dont even know where you got that from. Usually a container can hold at least one size up or down.
  10. I understand what the chart says. But Im just checking to see if anyone has done it or tried it. Thanks though.
  11. Im just checking if anyone out there is jumping one. The UPT web site doesn't say anything about it. I dont think its recommended but I figured I would check if anyone is doing it anyways. Thanks in advance.
  12. The UAQ Dz is currently closed. It will reopen at a later date. The date is not set and as soon as it is possible to reopen, it will.
  13. Shorts, Tee shirt and sandals everyday, even when its "cold". Beautiful beaches Good fishing Skydive Sebastian and all the great people---Im biased
  14. Yes he did, and the canopy was screaming for mercy!
  15. Some pictures were also taken at skydive sebastian. They were here for about 2 weeks training.
  16. It must be because my 120s a little loose now but not to bad. I guess Ill start saving my pennies.
  17. I thank you for your concern and your information. I figured it would be a bit small but I would ask anyway.
  18. Hey guys, Simple question here. Has anyone had any experience with putting a katana 107 or simlar in a wings sized W8? Im thinking of downsizing but really dont want to buy another rig again if I dont need to. Thanks in advance.
  19. Not to mention the majority of people who rent gear DONT KNOW HOW TO PACK! And if they do (Im talking new jumpers) they have not been doing it very long. Who do you want packing for you, a very experienced packer or a guy with 15 jumps? I know who I chose.
  20. I remember a guy at the DZ about a year ago coming in on final, He probably had about 3 or 4 jumps not listening to anything the instructors were saying on the radio. They told him to turn in to wind and he just kept going...right on the middle of the runway....wile the otter is coming in for landing! All you heard was the instructor yelling at him to get the fuck off the runway NOW, and the sound of the otter powering up to pull up. If we had a less experienced pilot this guy would have been road kill. Let’s just say the instructor had to calm the pilot down before he had a talk with the student.
  21. This one made the local newspaper. Special thanks to Harry Parker.
  22. My favorite part is the first load of the day, sitting close to the door in the otter and watching the ground leave through the clear door. Watching the shadow of the plane get smaller and smaller. Close your eyes and think I wouldn't want to be any where else. Very relaxing.
  23. I had about 20 min in the tunnel before ever starting my aff. It made a huge difference. I had my basic body position and movement down before ever stepping out of the plane. i completed my aff in 3 or 4 jumps, I dont remember exactly. Spend the time and money its worth it.
  24. I was once given a decent chunk of change (well into the hundreds) for finding a chop. It landed in a bunch of woods that was mainly all palmetto bushes and thorny vines. The guy landed off and I picked him up, well away from the DZ (bad spot) we looked for about an hour to no avail. When we got done we were all cut up and bleeding. He said "fuck it Ill buy another" and I said "well looks like I know where to find my next canopy" I was joking. He looks me square in the face and says if you find it ill give you (enter large sum of money here). The next day I showed up in long thick jeans, heavy work boots and a long sleeve shirt in the middle of Florida summer. I spent about an hour looking for the dam thing and when I was ready to give up I called in a favor to the jump pilot and asked him if he could give me an idea as to where it would be, about 5 minuets later and a few radio calls I was on my way to the dz with the guys canopy and he was on his way with a unsigned check. All in all it was worth the loss of the shirt and jeans. Now if this happened again would I have accepted the money, no. But at the time I was in-between jobs and really needed the money. Next time ill be happy with a beer or 12.