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  1. Can't wait to get there, see everyone on Saturday.
  2. Thanks for the info and the suggestions. See you there!
  3. Thank you for the maps and layouts, I can't wait to get down there in two weeks. Does it cost anything to get into the Boogie? I wish I could get two more jumps in by then.
  4. Jumpin Junkee is right I am IAD not tandem. I will see you in Richmond though, I want to see what the Boogie is all about.
  5. I jumped this past Saturday. i called today and talked with AJ, I really wanted to get my 2nd and 3rd jump in around Labor Day weekend but they are closed for a special event. I agree, it is a really good crew up there. My Air Instructor was Ryan and the Ground Instructor was Todd, both were really great. I agree the view with St James and Crooked Lake were amazing. I couldnt imagine how peaceful it is. I am a Student Pilot also out of Smithfield but Skydiving is so much more fun!!! I am so excited to jump again! Take Care Mike
  6. Hey Ryan Welcome to IN, hope you enjoy IU. I am located in Ft Wayne which in NE Indiana. The current DZ is Angola, IN, which is up my Michigan. Great crew up here. Are you going to Richmond over Labor Day weekend?
  7. Thanks for the invite and will definately be checking this out. Hopefully I see you there. Mike
  8. On 18 Aug 07, I completed my first jump and now I am ADDICTED. I will be going up again in two weeks. I would go up again next weekend but taking the fiance on a hot air balloon ride. Just wondering if there were any other Skydivers from Indiana in these forums and if so, where is your DZ? Gods Speed