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  1. SkydiveSeb1

    Manifest Position

    Time Left: 2 days and 7 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Manifesting system - Burblesoft. Will train if you do not have experience. Discounted jumps for staff.


    Sebastian, FL

  2. SkydiveSeb1

    Maintenance Position

    Time Left: 2 days and 7 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Fueling Aircraft, Grounds keeping, Trash, Cleaning


    Sebastian, FL

  4. SkydiveSeb1

    Halloween Boogie

    TBD.... No registration necessary. There will be music, games, and a costume contest for best costume. ZOO BAR WILL BE OPEN FOR FOOD AND DRINKS AFTER YOU JUMP. NO DRINKING AND JUMPING.
  5. SkydiveSeb1

    FSL Meet

    Competitive 4-way is back in Southeast Florida!!!If you have a team, or if you’re a solo flyer; if you’re a seasonedveteran, a rookie, or an angle flyer who might wanna dabble for a day,sign up on the link below! Fun will be served a point at a time! We’ll try to match people up, but if you can, please register as a team. Registration will be $100 per team. If you’re not sure what any of this is about, we can help! What: Florida Skydiving League Meet #4 Where: Skydive Sebastian When: July 20, 2019 How: Tummy Why: Points! (date on form says April, 2019. Please ignore and use July 20 date)
  6. SkydiveSeb1

    BlackLight Boogie

  7. SkydiveSeb1

    Invasion 2016

  8. SkydiveSeb1

    Goombay Skydive Bowling

  9. SkydiveSeb1

    Live Music on the Deck

  10. SkydiveSeb1

    Sebastian Wingsuit Views