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  1. Well its been a while since ive been on the forum...been helping out at the DZ when I can. Im back to work Full time now. Still working on physio stuff and trying to get my calf muscle back in shape and regaining full flexibility of my foot. -Jason
  2. Thanks Monky, Broke Jan 8 Surgery Jan 11 (Splinted, 6 screws, 1 plate ) Cast Jan 24 (Non Weight Bearing) Walking Boot Today ( weight bearing as I feel necessary) I go back in 3 weeks for another consult, a week after that I go back to have 1 screw removed as its holding the Tib/Fib bones together while ligaments heal. I plan on doing what I can for physio, havent started anything yet.
  3. Hey All, I did a search but couldnt find any information. I broke my fibula at the beginning of January, and was wondering what sort of recovery time others had before they were jumping again. (Not that I am going to be jumping for the next few months anyways). Thanks Jason
  4. yellowgt

    Crocs shoes

    I have a set of crocs, they are comfy....dont wear them that often though.
  6. This is a good thread. Jump 11 I had a reserve ride....took me all day saturday and most of the day sunday to figure out whether or not I was going to jump again. After one of my instructors told me that he knows the feelings I have, that if I end up not jumping again....I probably will end up golfing. My words (not given as instructor, because I am not) talk to you instructors. As for the breathing method, it does work. Close your eyes and slow your breathing, it brings down your heart rate.
  7. Im looking for used gear, hopefully by spring I should have it. Im nursing a busted tib/fib right now, so no jumping for a while
  8. Sirius>XM I have sirius and love it. My buddy has XM and hates it
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone. I too am working, not too worried about it though.
  10. Just be worried if you get the rectal exam with both hands on your shoulders. Haha. Unfortunately, I had "the exam" earlier this year. Most uncomfortable thing in my life :(
  11. my bad. i should learn and not be such a noob!
  12. Airplane Hour (Weds., December 12 at 9 PM ET/PT) Adam and Jamie find out if either of them can safely land a Boeing 747-400 on a runway in varying weather conditions. Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant risk life and limb to investigate skydiving myths regularly featured in Hollywood action films. Is it possible to catch up with someone in freefall if that person jumps out a plane before you do? Can you really hold a conversation during freefall? And would you survive if you opened your parachute only a few feet off the ground? Finally, Adam and Jamie carefully navigate their way through a myth that has baffled everyone from web bloggers to pilots. If a plane is traveling at takeoff speed on a conveyor belt, and the belt is matching that speed in the opposite direction, can the plane take off? Extensive small-scale testing with a super treadmill and a nearly uncontrollable model airplane don't completely resolve the myth, so our flight cadets supersize the myth with help from a willing pilot and his Ultralight flying machine