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  1. Are you guys sure this is a scam? He seems legit to me. I’m sure his associates is a very dependable individual and his son Andrew is in desperate need of my Sabre 2.
  2. Punishment for drunk driving should be terrible, it's reckless and people die often from it. Punishment shouldn't ever be scaled based on income though. While I'm sure many think this is fair because this way you'll *hurt* everyone proportionally with the punishment.. that *seems* fair, but it hardly is.
  3. The person he quoted mentioned DUI.. that's the reference. I'm of the opinion, a DUI/DWI/whatever, should always be jail time.. too many people die for no reason because of this.
  4. You know that the Old Testament didn't originate with the Vatican right? And you know that the Old Testament is referred to by all Christian denominations?
  5. I just hope she doesn't take more sniper fire..
  6. Does that closing loop look a little long to anyone else?
  7. If you write better I'm sure you'll grades will improve.
  8. So in summary.. what you meant you wrote was: there's nothing funny about a country that has different values that my country, because Australia is #1 and everyone should be like us!!!
  9. Go buy some sharpies from walmart and color the line tabs once.. then, it'll never be a problem again.
  10. Yah, cause no one has ever done that before....
  11. I have a Mamba. If i were to buy again.. I'd get either a Z1 or a Mamba. They are both good helmets and have solid flip up visors. I think the Z1 looks better than the Mamba.. but they are both good helmets and good choices. I've never had the Mamba fog on me enough to effect the skydive or canopy ride except once on a high pull, but all I had to do was crack it open and it was just fine after a few seconds.. i wouldn't let it deter you, but I have heard of people who have had fogging issues with the visor..
  12. It seems.. $1250-$1300 might be more reasonable as an asking price to start with?
  13. I did a search and I know I've seen threads on this topic before.. but what is the going resale formula for main canopies? I think I remember seeing once, 80% of retail price minus $1 per jump? Assuming good/excellent condition and all. Thanks for your help. I've got a Pilot 168 with 100 jumps (give or take) that I'd like to sell at a fair price and I'm trying to figure it out. Guessing $1430 or so is fair?
  14. I've got a Mamba but don't have a huge melon or anything.. fits great. I have trouble wearing sunglasses underneath it and it is hard to talk. If I was to buy again.. I might consider the Z1.. however, I've never heard of a Mamba coming open in freefall..
  15. My friends (5 of us total) and I used SAS travel. We had 2 guides and about 9 other people in the group with us. They provided everything except for a sleeping bag I think, oh, and the alcohol. We're 5 college aged kids in the military living in Colorado, so the hike was pretty easy for us and we often were way ahead of the other people in our group except for the first day when they want you to stay together. Our tour guides were awesome, very knowledgeable and it was very evident they were passionate about their work and enjoyed it. I can't remember the cost per person, but I'm pretty sure it was reasonable. It was a great trip and very breathtaking. Here is the companies website: I'd recommend the hotel they operate too, cheap rates but very nice rooms and great service. If you have any questions, let me know.