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  1. Are you guys sure this is a scam? He seems legit to me. I’m sure his associates is a very dependable individual and his son Andrew is in desperate need of my Sabre 2.
  2. derrickiv

    Closing pin orientation

    Does that closing loop look a little long to anyone else?
  3. derrickiv

    Im 16 And I Want To Jump...

    If you write better I'm sure you'll grades will improve.
  4. derrickiv

    Flaking while Packing

    Go buy some sharpies from walmart and color the line tabs once.. then, it'll never be a problem again.
  5. derrickiv

    Should I get a Factory Diver?

    I have a Mamba. If i were to buy again.. I'd get either a Z1 or a Mamba. They are both good helmets and have solid flip up visors. I think the Z1 looks better than the Mamba.. but they are both good helmets and good choices. I've never had the Mamba fog on me enough to effect the skydive or canopy ride except once on a high pull, but all I had to do was crack it open and it was just fine after a few seconds.. i wouldn't let it deter you, but I have heard of people who have had fogging issues with the visor..
  6. derrickiv

    How to figure resale price? (Main Canopy)

    It seems.. $1250-$1300 might be more reasonable as an asking price to start with?
  7. derrickiv

    How to figure resale price? (Main Canopy)

    I did a search and I know I've seen threads on this topic before.. but what is the going resale formula for main canopies? I think I remember seeing once, 80% of retail price minus $1 per jump? Assuming good/excellent condition and all. Thanks for your help. I've got a Pilot 168 with 100 jumps (give or take) that I'd like to sell at a fair price and I'm trying to figure it out. Guessing $1430 or so is fair?
  8. derrickiv

    Mamba BH Helmet

    I've got a Mamba but don't have a huge melon or anything.. fits great. I have trouble wearing sunglasses underneath it and it is hard to talk. If I was to buy again.. I might consider the Z1.. however, I've never heard of a Mamba coming open in freefall..
  9. derrickiv

    Denver rigger

    tdog is another guy you can contact.
  10. derrickiv

    Whatever happened to 180 day repacks?

    Thanks for the info HW
  11. derrickiv

    Whatever happened to 180 day repacks?

    Has this been decided upon yet? Did I overlook any announcements?
  12. derrickiv

    Dual AAD's?

    What about when the student has a hard pull and goes to reserve while he's falling through the main AAD deployment range? I know you should cut-away first anyhow, but students might not do that...
  13. derrickiv

    Where did I go wrong?

    What specifically scares you? Discuss this with your instructors. Is it that the parachute won't open or you'll have equipment problems? See if you can learn how to pack and then watch the packers pack your parachute, you'll see it was done properly and it'll be fine. Is it the landings? Work with your instructors, remind them how it went last time, get advice and then get a thorough debriefing as to how it went this time. Is it the freefall? Afraid you won't accomplish the manuevers? That's what it seems to me, you don't want to "waste" money on jumps. Maybe you need more tunnel time, if you're able to do fine in the tunnel, there's no reason you shouldn't be doing fine in AFF. What specifically are your instructors telling you that is causing you to fail your jumps? Give us some more specifics and we'll give you answers tailored to you.
  14. derrickiv

    Failing AFF?

    You still haven't really stated why they failed you. Can you give us more details? I feel like a large part of the story is missing here.. and I'd demand that $200 back (assuming you're entitled to it). That's about 1/6 the cost of AFF at another DZ.
  15. derrickiv

    Failing AFF?

    My first five jumps were solo 10 second delayed pulls.. The Academy puts a lot of people through each year like that and most do just fine..